Month: July 2013

Sex Scene Championships – Scorching Book Reviews

I’m taking part in the marathon ‘Sex Scene Championship’ from 1st to 31st August with The competition is stiff and there will be sweat – puns intended – and the authors participating are fierce competition, I have to tell you. The schedule for the Championship is above. (PS My name is spelt wrong, I[…]

I’m taking part in the #SexySnippets blog hop I’m taking part in the Sexy Snippets blog hop this Sunday. So here are my seven ‘sexy’ sentences as a snippet of my newly released best seller ‘Stripped Bare’ Matthew beckoned with an imperious gesture for Shane to step out of them. Shane wasn’t sure when the tables had been turned and he’d gone[…]

Excerpt from my next M/M release, ‘Waiting for Rain’

My new M/M release should be out in November. I’m waiting for confirmation so don’t hold me to that. But I thought I’d give you a little teaser of the first few pages to see what you think. This is the longer blurb… When Toby Prentiss, Hotel Manager at the Duck and Drake in rural[…]

Stripped Bare

This is the wonderful book trailer for my latest book release, ‘Stripped Bare’. My clever daughter Ashley made it for me and it’s awesome! Though two years past, Matthew Langer is still getting over the death of a loved one. He’s steered clear of serious relationships, but when he meets the irascible, dirty mouthed and[…]

Stripped Bare becomes a ‘best seller’!

I have to share this with all and sundry. My new release, ‘Stripped Bare’ with Boroughs Publishing Group has made it to the Amazon bestseller lists and is also an All Romance e-books best seller. The book was released yesterday and has generated quite a lot of interest looking at the results. But then who[…]

Guest Blog: Fan-girling, Benedict Cumberbatch, karma and my books by Susan Mac Nicol

This is the wonderful blog of C N Faust and on which I have the privilege to appear. There is a lot of Benedict Cumberbatching going on here as well as introducing some details about my books you might not have known before. Have a read and see what you think. And and the rather[…]

I’m taking part in the #SexySnippets blog hop… I’m taking part in the Sexy Snippets blog hop this Sunday. So here are my seven ‘sexy’ sentences as a snippet of my new release, ‘Stripped Bare’. Matthew was aware he was standing on a London street in front of a gay bar with a man seducing him but he couldn’t care less at[…]

Sneak Peek Sunday – ‘Stripped Bare’ release 22nd July I’m taking part in the Sneak Peek Sunday blog hop. Below you can find a short excerpt from my new release, ‘Stripped Bare’. David moved closer to Shane, still tugging himself madly. David’s gasps grew more strident and louder as his body began to jerk uncontrollably. Shane closed his eyes in resignation. It was[…]

‘Stripped Bare’ can now be pre-ordered!

I am so excited! ‘Stripped Bare’ is now available to pre-order on the Boroughs website. So if you fancy getting a heads up on the book before official release on 22nd July, this is the place to go. Here’s a short excerpt from the start of the book to enjoy and whet the appetite…[…]

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