The Equal Rights Blog Hop – Why do I support it?

Let me very honest. I’m not gay, transgender, gender fluid, lesbian, homosexual or any other label society chooses to put upon people who are classed as ‘different’ from the norm (according to ‘set society’ stands at least). For who the hell we are we to define ‘normal’ ? And don’t tell me the Bible says so because I might punch you with it. Apologies to any religious friends I have out there but I’m entitled to express my opinion the same way the Spanish Inquisitors did. Only I won’t torture and massacre people who don’t believe the same things I do.

I am a ‘straight’ woman-(another bloody label) – who has been married to the same man for twenty nine years. But that doesn’t stop me getting on my soapbox and reveling in the fact that DOMA is dead, in the UK we have a bill being presented to Parliament that gives same sex couples the right to marry and that at last society is starting to come around to the idea that if two people love each other, who gives a flying f*** what gender they are?

And I also know that these victories are hard won, that there has been a lot of heartache and angst in the process and that there is still oh so much work to do. Lives have been destroyed, people have destroyed themselves after being tainted with the stigma of being ‘different’ for loving someone of the same sex as them and nothing can change that. But there is wonderful and untiring work being done by so many people around the world to get their voice out there and tell people that they are simply human beings -and that’s all that’s required to be in love or get married and share a life together.

I am not a fan of any sort of persecution. I wrote an anthology of poetry about this in my younger days. Colour, religion, beliefs, sexuality – these are all simply facets of life that contribute to our growth as human beings. Which colour, which religion, which beliefs and which sexuality –these are all irrelevant. Instead we have a person who chooses to live their life in harmony with another person. Isn’t that what life is all about? A phrase I think that has been so overworked that it seems to have lost its meaning unless used in cliché ridden conversations and writings is Live and Let Live.

From research I’ve done, it appears that this proverb is Dutch in origin and is first recorded in Ancient Law Merchant by G. De Malynes, published in 1622. It was later included in a book of English proverbs collected by John Ray in 1678. This is what it is defined as being –
Run your own life the way you want to, and let others do the same; be tolerant of differences.

Remember the Christmas Truce of 1914? Both sides of the opposing armies laid down their arms and formed a truce to come together as a group of people just trying to beat the cold, the hunger, the death, the grief and the need to be with other human beings in peace and in harmony. Their differences were forgotten. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could nurture this in every second of every day? If children didn’t have be taught that being ‘gay’ or loving someone of the same sex and wanting to have sex with them was not a sin, that them being different to others isn’t something that can be surgically removed or psychologically changed or meant they don’t have the same rights as other couples do.

So for me being a member of this GLBT community in the way that I am- someone simply believing in the thought that all individuals should have the same rights as others despite their differences – means I care. I support the fight, the drive to take away the imperfections so that life can be the same for all, no matter what their sexual persuasion. And I hope that qualifies me to join this amazingly feisty and passionate band of people and rejoice in their victories.

I’m giving away an e-book copy of my new release, ‘Stripped Bare’ to one random lucky winner who comments on this blog post. You may be asked a question to qualify for the prize draw. The answer is in this post, honest. The book itself will only be released on 22nd July, but I promise, you’ll get it if you win it…

Question for Grand Prize Giveaway- How long have I been married?

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The Equal Rights Blog Hop – Why do I support it?

20 thoughts on “The Equal Rights Blog Hop – Why do I support it?

  1. 29 years is a huge accomplishment. Congrats and may the next 29 be just as good to your guy and you.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  2. I enjoyed your post. One of the reasons why I am released an anthology next month titled “The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance,” was because I wanted to read a few stories by women who actually included themselves in gay romances. I gave the authors full freedom to do whatever they wanted to do, and I was thrilled with the results. Great post, and please take me out of the running for a prize because I’m part of the blog hop, too, and I’d rather see a reader win the prize instead of me.

  3. You’ve been married 29 years. Thanks for the giveaway.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  4. You’ve been married for 29 years (congratulations!). Thank you for your blog post and for participating in the hop!

  5. Answer: 29 years

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and being part of the hop!

  6. You and me both have very long marriages at 29 years 🙂


  7. You have been married 29 years–I have only been married 27. Thanks for the post. I understand–I have friends and relatives who are bemoaning the death of DOMA and I just want to shake them! They think their religion is the one and only way–and I want to point out that it is not about religion it is about what is right.

  8. 29 years. Thanks so much for sharing and for participating Susan.


  9. I’ll be selecting a lucky winner soon, at random, as I’ve put all the ‘commentees’ names in a plastic tub and will ask my husband to draw one out. Watch this space and I’ll announce it here and also send you an email to confirm. Good Luck and thanks to all of you who participated. It was a hoot.

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