‘Stripped Bare’ can now be pre-ordered!

I am so excited! ‘Stripped Bare’ is now available to pre-order on the Boroughs website. So if you fancy getting a heads up on the book before official release on 22nd July, this is the place to go.

Here’s a short excerpt from the start of the book to enjoy and whet the appetite…

All tied up with nowhere to go

Shane Templar watched the man standing by the bed. Shane had no idea how he’d gotten himself into this situation, but he had to admit that this wasn’t the first time. He’d thought he was cleverer than he used to be. He went through a mental checklist as he ticked off the items that had led him into the predicament he now faced.
Male √
Gay √
Intelligent √
Street wise √
Pretty smoking hot √
Experienced Escort √
Pushover No- fucking- way.
So, with that all established in his head, he wondered how in hell he was the one with his five ten frame tied spread eagled to a bed in the middle of a client’s very luxurious hotel room in the middle of London while said client, David Debussy, a regular, jerked off in front of him.
Shane’s brain felt woolly and he knew he’d been slipped something. He cursed at his lack of observation and awareness. He never made mistakes like this. Never.
Shane had met Debussy, as requested, at the five-star Baglione Hotel in Kensington and escorted the man through an interminably boring dinner for stock brokers. But while the dinner had made him consider slitting his own throat, the man beside him had made it almost bearable. Shane enjoyed being with David. He’d partnered the man close to half a dozen times over the last year, very much as a companion only.
Not once during the previous ‘engagements’, as Shane’s exclusive escort agency, Carrington Knights, called them , had it turned into anything more than a quick kiss goodbye on the lips and a promise of another date soon. Shane had often left his engagements with David with a raging hard on and had to make his way to the exclusive gay club in the middle of the West End. At Essence, Shane could usually find someone to alleviate his situation and give him some relief.
David was in his mid-twenties, a few years younger than Shane. He was charming, with deep russet hair, a physique like a Greek God and a backside that made Shane’s fantasies take free reign. He had wealth from a trust fund his mother left him that made Konrad Feldman look like a pauper. He also had a domineering father who tried to rule David with an iron fist.
Debussy was intelligent, attentive, and as sexy as hell.
At the end of this evening, David had suggested Shane join him for a drink in his room. Shane had agreed. He had a very firm policy about sleeping with his clients. Contrary to popular belief, he didn’t fuck them all. He was very choosy about whom he went home with. He had to like the person, feel comfortable with them and they had to make him feel horny. But after the second glass of champagne and a lot of hot and heavy kissing and crotch banging, he remembered nothing more. Until now.
Shane pulled at the cords that bound his wrists and ankles to the posts of a four poster bed. There was no way he was getting out of the bindings anytime soon. His naked body was splayed out on a luxurious Matelasse bed spread. The fierce erection that had sprung up when he and David were making out earlier had flagged.
He groaned, hoping to distract the man sitting on the corner of the bed close to him, frantically stroking his dick and looking as if he was going to let loose at any minute. The man’s eyes stared at him with a look of sheer greed, darting from Shane’s hairy chest to the blonde line of hair that ran down to his groin. Shane thought gloomily that at the moment there wasn’t much to see. He blamed it on whatever drug he’d been given.
“Erm, David? Honestly, you didn’t have to go all this trouble to jack off. I would have done it for you, you know that. Maybe if you took these ties off me, I could finish the job? Hand or mouth, I don’t mind either way. If you want to top, that’s fine with me too. I mean, I’m not even that hard either, so maybe we can work on that. Give you something more to look at.” He grinned through gritted teeth. There was no way Shane was getting the bastard off but it didn’t hurt to let him think that. He was more likely to punch the sly bugger in the nose. He disliked being made a fool of.
David moaned but didn’t stop what he was doing. “God, Shane, you are just perfect any way, you know that? You have got the most incredibly sexy body. Not buff but really toned.” His plummy tones, which earlier had been very seductive to Shane’s ears, were now an irritating high class whine in Shane’s brain. “I’m sorry I had to slip you something and tie you up, but I prefer you that way. “
Shane wondered if David had done this before and what the reaction had been from other men. He planned to make an example of the fact that it wasn’t the ‘done thing’ in his book just as soon as David cut him loose.
“I really wanted you tonight, Shane. I liked undressing you while you slept, and then splaying you out like that for me to see.” The man shivered in ecstasy and Shane could see he was close to climaxing, “That’s what gets me off. I mean, I paid for you right, so I should get what I want. The customer’s always right, correct?”
Who the fuck did this guy think he was, treating him like a piece of meat? He might have paid for the evening, but that didn’t give the bastard any right to do this to him.
“I didn’t think you’d mind.”
The whining increased, adding to the slow burn of fury that ebbed and waned through Shane’s chest. He gritted his teeth, needing to talk the other man into letting him go, not blasting him with a tirade of salty swear words Shane had learned from his fisherman grandfather. He had rather a rather profane mouth as a result.
“David, you look pretty close to eruption, so why don’t you let me go and I can help you with that? You like the look of my arse? Well, if you let me up, you can have it. It’s all yours.”
David moved closer to Shane, still tugging himself madly. David’s gasps grew more strident and louder as his body began to jerk uncontrollably. Shane closed his eyes in resignation. It was too late. The hot, wet, acrid smelling ejaculate shot all over his stomach and groin as David directed it over him and shouted out in release.
Shane was bathed in white spurts of semen that shot across his lower belly like silly string, warming his flesh and leaving sticky snail trails. It wasn’t the first time he’d been bathed in the stuff but it was the first time it had been done without his permission or willing participation. He opened his eyes to see David smiling at him.
“God, Shane, that was incredible,” David blabbered, missing Shane’s narrowed eyes and complete lack of humour as he bobbed around on the bed like a kid at Christmas. “Let me get those bonds off you. Hold on and I’ll untie you.”
A distinct sense of relief flooded Shane’s body that he wasn’t closeted with a psycho about to carve him up or rape him. He knew he’d been lucky tonight and that made him all the more mad. He didn’t like taking risks like this one.
Shane watched as the other man fiddled with the ankle restraints, and when he’d freed Shane’s legs, David moved up over Shane’s body to untie his wrists. He was oblivious to the stillness of Shane’s body and the tensing of his muscles as he waited to be set free.
As soon as he unties that first one, I am going to fucking deck him right across his pretty face and beat the shit out of him.

The cover for my new M/M Romance due out 22nd July 2013.
The cover for my new M/M Romance due out 22nd July 2013.

‘Stripped Bare’ can now be pre-ordered!

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