I’m taking part in the #SexySnippets blog hop


I’m taking part in the Sexy Snippets blog hop this Sunday. So here are my seven ‘sexy’ sentences as a snippet of my newly released best seller ‘Stripped Bare’

Matthew beckoned with an imperious gesture for Shane to step out of them. Shane wasn’t sure when the tables had been turned and he’d gone from aggressor to subordinate, but he wasn’t going to argue. He stepped out of his trousers and boxers and stood, completely nude, in front of a still-fully dressed Matthew. Both of them were breathing heavily, and Shane’s dick was standing out in front of his body, already leaking and just throbbing with pure lust.
“You are simply exquisite.” Matthew’s tone was reverent, as his eyes caressed every inch of Shane’s body. “You have a body like an athlete.”

You can buy the book here http://amzn.to/16nFudT

It’s currently number #7 in the Gay Romance category on Amazon.com, and #21 on AllRomance ebooks and I’m really pleased it’s doing so well.

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I’m taking part in the #SexySnippets blog hop

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