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I’m taking part in the marathon ‘Sex Scene Championship’ from 1st to 31st August with

The competition is stiff and there will be sweat – puns intended – and the authors participating are fierce competition, I have to tell you.


finalised Version of events copy

The schedule for the Championship is above. (PS My name is spelt wrong, I know, it has no H in it. But this was already printed by poor Nix after much effort so it shall remain as is for now.)

The schedule is subject to change just in case there are any unforeseen circumstances. I’m also offering prizes of ‘Stripped Bare’ to readers too, the prizes just didn’t make it on the list, but they will be given.

I hope you all swing by and visit. The day to watch out for is the 9th August – Erykah Wyck Vs Susan Mac Nicol

A challenge indeed…..May the best sex scene win!

Sex Scene Championships – Scorching Book Reviews

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