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Well, since my first book ‘Cassandra by Starlight’ was published, I’ve come a long way. I currently have a best selling, sexy gay male romance book called ‘Stripped Bare’, another full length novel called, ‘Together in Starlight’ and two seasonal novellas published. And I’ve decided to continue writing in the M/M genre as it’s the one I enjoy most.

So without further ado, here’s what you can expect to see from me up until January 2015. I’m not quite sure when I’ll find time to sleep. I might be subsisting on caffeine, microwave meals and Kalmettes…..

October 2nd 2013 ‘Saving Alexander’.

It’s a pretty sexy, dark story and you can read a little more about it and see the beautiful cover here on my website

Actual release dates to be confirmed -in the pipeline for these next books

December 2013 ‘Worth Keeping’.

Nick Mathers is a tortured soul and he has reason to be. Abused horrifically when he was just a boy, he’s mostly come to terms with it. On those dark days he tends to think about dying – a lot. But one stormy night when he’s about to take the plunge, he’s distracted by someone washed up on the beach. His catch of the day turns out to be Owen Butler, a man with a demon of his own on his shoulder. Nick takes him home, cares for him and slowly, as much as Owen’s physical body warms up after the cold of the sea, so does Nick’s heart. The two men soon find themselves in a relationship fraught with emotion, conflict and the ever present spectre of tragedy. It takes all of Owen’s love and understanding to make Nick realise he is indeed a man ‘worth keeping’.

February 2014 ‘Double Alchemy Book 1’ with the second book following March/April. My first paranormal M/M series- quite exciting.

Quinn Fairmont is a warlock, a remnant from an ancient family just trying to forget about it and live in the 21st century. But he’s not averse to using a little warlock magyck when it suits him. Inside him dwells his Withinner, an alter ego called Taliesen, his dark, magyck side. Cade Mairston is an anthropologist, passionate about his work and career. Their attraction to each other is sparked from their first chance meeting. As things heat up between them, they form an uneasy alliance to fight off the evil that threatens to harm them both and at the same time come to terms with each other in a way they would never have envisaged.

February 2014 ‘Waiting for Rain’ – my first book with Dreamspinners Press

When Rain Engel contracts to build a bar at a rural hotel in Lincolnshire, he hadn’t counted on having to re-build his faith in people as well. But when he meets the sexy and feisty General Manager Toby Prentiss, Rain’s defences are laid bare and he finds the other man hard to resist. But Toby has a secret past too, one that only comes to light when violence strikes. Rain has to search inside himself to discover that sometimes you have to let people in. Toby has to find a way to come to terms with his past and find someone who will share his future. The two men come together in a shared kiss in a lost property room and as their relationship develops, they find that sometimes the things you’ve lost are right there in front of you.

April/May 2014 – ‘Starlight 4’

This will be Dylan and Alec’s story. For those of you who don’t know, they are the gay couple (and Bennett’s best friends) in my Starlight series. I thought their story would be worth telling as one all on its own.

May 2013 ‘Born Human’ -an erotic crime romance thriller

London is in the grip of a vicious serial killer. Known as the Bow Tie Killer, this killer has been raping, killing and mutilating young women all over the city. But he hasn’t reckoned on the sheer tenacity and grim determination of one’s of London’s finest. Detective Superintendent Anthony Parglietto is on his trail. Anthony has one firm resolve deep down inside. Hunt the man down and kill him before he can hurt anyone else. The detective’s view on the human rights of murderers, psychopaths and killers is a well known and often applauded mantra with his colleagues in the CID. It’s simple. Anthony believes they don’t have any.
When matters escalate to violence and the final scene is played out, Anthony is left fighting for his career and his freedom. With the support of his lover Flynn Masterton,a past victim of the BTK and one who was left alive to tell his tale, Anthony has to justify his actions and ensure his future as a Detective and a free man.

May – Jan 2015 – my new series called ‘Men of London’

My publisher has asked me to write six books in a new novella series they want to publish. This is still very much a new venture and I haven’t given much thought to it yet. It will be about men loving men, it will be about heroes such as policemen, firemen, paramedics and doctors with the inevitable love and conflict set against the skyline of London. If you have any ideas on what I should write about, any inspiration for me, feel free to share it.

Whew- that’s all for now folks! I have a few other ideas for new stories in the pipeline but until I can clone myself that’s how they’ll have to stay 🙂

My work in progress

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