I am honoured to be featured on the blog of Andrew Q. Gordon today. As well as being a legal beagle based in Washington D.C., Andrew is himself is a writer and I can certainly recommend one of his books called Purpose. I’ve just finished it and It’s a tremendous read. So if you want to find out a little more about both of us take a look at this post.

The Land Of Make Believe

Today’s guest author is Susan Mac Nicol.  Susan is an equal opportunity romance writer. Her first books were MF Romance, but after writing a MM secondary character pairing, she decided to write a MM Romance – Stripped Bare.  This was my first opportunity to get to know Susan and I think you’ll find – like I did – that she’s a talented and interesting woman.  Below she talks about her new books, her old book, what prompted her to write MM fiction and a few other things.  Read through to the end for an excerpt from Stripped Bare. 

Guest Author: Susan Mac Nicol 

StrippedBare_cover (1)Welcome, Susan. Let’s start by talking about your new release, Stripped Bare. Is this your first M/M story?

Yes, this is my first, but definitely not my last. I took a look at my publishing schedule earlier today and needed a paper bag to breathe in…

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  1. Talented, interesting, and barking. I’m allowed to say this as she’s a really good friend to have, and provides me with a lot of support with my own efforts at writing. She deserves all the success she’s achieving.

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