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I was fortunate enough recently to be featured on the blog of Eric J Gates. Now I’ve mentioned before somewhere that Eric doesn’t appear to be a man you want to mess with. He writes thriller novels and he used to be a Management Consultant working internationally and specialising in IT Security and Contingency as well as Cyberwarfare. He’s also a martial arts expert holding 14 separate black belt degrees in various traditional fighting arts. Now you might want to run into him in a dark alley and take your chances but I sure as hell don’t. Who’d want to meet this frightening specimen of sheer power?


Having said that, Eric is a true gentleman and he loves to post interviews with fellow authors about the subject of writing. He’s passionate about his craft, and has been a real boon to me in getting my name and my work out there. So if you want to check out my guest post, as well as the fascinating post by Stephen Leather (yes the Stephen Leather) and other authors like Fleur Ferris and John Dolan, then head down to the link below and prepare to be entertained and perhaps even enlightened.


Fellow author Eric J Gates’ Blog

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    1. Hey, haven’t I told you before you’re not the only one with friends in high places? …those satellites up there come in very useful. Thanks for stopping by, Eric 🙂

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