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  1. Hi Susan,

    First, I LOVE Rhys’s photos. Second, I agree with you. Give me the Norse warrior funeral complete with the fiery boat cremation. I get creeped out at the thought of maggots chomping down on my flesh. Then, there is the cost of the funeral, the coffin, and all of the little ‘extras’ that somehow get added on by the mortuary. I know, since I worked for one a long time ago. SInce then, I can’t stand being in a large room of flowers, a little bouquet is okay, but a room full is too much.

    Great site, and I will definitely check out your books.

    Diana Sprain
    author and reader from Reno, NV
    I’m on FB and Twitter under my name

    1. Thanks for stopping by Diana. And yes the Viking funeral still appeals to me too. Thanks for checking out my books and no doubt I’ll be posting more of Rhys pics here…she has such a great collection…♥

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