Patrick Darcy has a point of view shared by many. What the hell has happened to the art to conversation, of wooing a man with clever words, of making him feel sought after so at least when the kit does come off he feels a little as if there was a little verbal foreplay. Are we doomed to a generation where people have forgotten how to talk to each other, especially when it comes to getting jiggy with it….
Your thoughts, ladies and gents? Are you a conversationalist, a texter, a dumb struck ass in the flesh, an app geek or do you really pursue that booty call with vigour and passion…Speak now or for ever hold your peace…

Patrick Darcy


Damn it! Am I so old fashioned?

Am I asking for too much?

When did this all come to pass?

Why the hell can’t we do this anymore?

Yes, I’m ranting!

It should be as easy as sticking a dick in a hole.

We are Irish after all.

All I want is a bit of banter.

Real banter.

Not just tapping away at a computer.

But what seems so easy online, is dead in person.

Guys are obsessed with using apps to arrange hook-ups.

Which is fine.

But how about a bit of craic before we get down to it?

Sadly all that online bravado seems to disappear in the flesh.

Guys just seem to be losing the ability to chat and flirt.

It’s worse with the younger guys.

They’ve grown up in the era of Grindr and Gaydar.

Poor things.

They’re  feckin useless.


Imagine a world in which…

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