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Here’s the thing. My debut novel was called Cassandra by Starlight and it included a fairly controversial topic abut female on male rape. I did a huge amount of research for the female on male rape scene as it was something new and appeared to be a fairly contentious issue. I came across some real life experiences and men’s views and one of them that really impacted on me was a story and some views by a man called James A. Landrith who’d been subject to this very thing.
James was matter of fact, truthful and at the time of my research, he was openly active in helping promote the awareness of male rape and disprove the misconceptions out there. I used James’ views and the research and blogs etc he’d done as the basis for my rape scene for my leading man, Bennett Saville. At no time did I make actual contact with the man and his material went into my ‘research’ archive in my Google mail account.
As is the practice being a self promoting author, Tweeted , Facebooked, Google +’d and blogged the news about my book all over the place in the hope someone was listening to me. Imagine my surprise when James contacted me via Twitter over this past weekend and gave me the links to recent posts and some more information. He’d seen my promotion post on Twitter somehow and decided to get in touch. We chatted online, had a few messages pass between us and James then surprised me with the fact he’d written a blog about it on his own site and would I mind if he published it, together with links to my website and my book. I also gained a new reader as he downloaded the book to read.
There are two reasons I said a resounding ‘Yes’ to this. One of them is a purely a selfish one – my book was getting exposure to people I otherwise might not have reached. The second one, and honestly, the more important one to me, was it was getting publicity in a way that really mattered – in the context of a really social conundrum that lent itself to discussion and debate.
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So, to see a really controversial subject that I used in my book promoted and written about in the way that James has done, lends credence to the fact that we can also use serious topics in our romance books and that sometimes our writing does have an impact on others. It’s awe inspiring for me as an author to see my book written about in this way and I am truly grateful to James for giving me the opportunity to do so.
You can view James’ blog and his comments on my book here – he is a self proclaimed ‘left libertarian blogger, publisher, Marine and civil liberties activist.

The first in the Starlight series of books
The first in the Starlight series of books

I’m now writing M/M Romance books although my Starlight trilogy is still going strong. For this blog hop, I’m giving away a copy of my latest best selling release, Stripped Bare (e-book only -available in mobi, epub and pdf formats) via random draw. To qualify you need to leave a comment on this guest post -you must include your email so I can contact you if you win. If you’d prefer the first book in the Starlight series, ‘Cassandra by Starlight’ leave a note in your comment and I can certainly accommodate that request.

Stripped Bare

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  2. Wow Susan… That’s really good that you actually was able to talk about a subject and have the men behind it contact you!

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