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Wicked Warriors

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WICKED WARRIORS INDEED.. don’t we all just love them?

I’m sure we’re going to see all kinds of deliciously decadent and wicked warriors on this blog hop. Vampires, Werewolves, Devils, Angels, supernatural beings that tantalise our senses, drain our bodies of emotions and make our loins flutter in sheer, heavenly pleasure….so why should I be any different?

I’ve got a two book supernatural series in the works called ‘Double Alchemy’. It’s about Warlocks, Water Sprites, Witches and dastardly villains intent on destroying our hero and a lot of others in the process. It’s also sexy man on man romance, filled with conflict, magyck and plenty of hot action, both in and out of the bedroom. This is a little bit about it….

Quinn Fairmont is a warlock, a remnant from an ancient family just trying to forget about it and live in the 21st century. But he’s not averse to using a little warlock magyck when it suits him. Inside him dwells his Withinner, an alter ego called Taliesen, his dark, magyck side. Cade Mairston is an anthropologist, passionate about his work and career. Their attraction to each other is sparked from their first chance meeting. As things heat up between them, they form an uneasy alliance to fight off the evil that threatens to harm them and at the same time come to terms with each other in a way they would never have envisaged.

Oh yes. Quinn is a Warrior indeed – ruthless, single minded, tough, dangerous and not just to Cade’s senses and sanity. Quinn is a man on a mission, with a terrible responsibility to a whole race, let alone his partner. Being a Warlock, Quinn has to do things that are not particularly socially acceptable in the real world. He has death on his hands. But he’s also loyal, fiercely protective and fair and will go to the ends of the earth to keep Cade and his friends safe from harm. And of course, Quinn’s dark alter ego, Taliesin, a sixth century Welsh Bard and Sorcerer, is a force to be reckoned with too. Dark and brooding, imbued with a power even beyond Quinn’s, Taliesin is the very definition of a mighty warrior.

You can see all the pictures for this book on my Pinterest boards

The character of Quinn takes inspiration from the sexy and tough looking Daniel Craig. I confess, I love him as James Bond and next to Sean Connery, he’s been the best one yet in my opinion.


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Wicked Warriors Halloween Blog Hop

21 thoughts on “Wicked Warriors Halloween Blog Hop

  1. Susan, I love the sound of Quinn and Cade, and you’ve got some great pics. I’m intrigued by Taliesen and how he fits in to the story. I’m with you on Daniel Craig, except I’m definitely a Pierce Brosnan fan, so they’re my two favorites.

    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway! I follow your blog by email, and if I should win, I’d love to get Stripped Bare (doesn’t that sound naughty if you hear it instead of read it!), in epub, please. – caroaz [at] ymail [dot] com

    1. Hi Carolyn. I’m glad you like the sound of Quinn and Cade. It was great fun to write being a supernatural story and letting the imagination run riot …And please only Strip Bare in private, I’d hate you to be arrested lol. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Thanks for the post and the giveaway! I agree with you about Daniel Craig and Sean Connery.
    Stripped Bare in mobi format is my preference
    I follow your blog. Also on twitter (@jlf827) and Facebook (JL FL).

  3. Color me intrigued. I’m going to be keeping an eye out for the Double Alchemy books! If I won, I’d probably pick Stripped Bare. Thanks!

  4. Hi! Thank you for participating in the hop and having a giveaway! If I’m lucky enough to be a winner, I’d like to try “Stripped Bare,” please. I’m a follower of both your blog/site and of your Twitter. Thanks again for the chance to win!

  5. Thanks for the pictures – I have no imagination and this helps me to “see” the characters. I’ve read Stripped Bare and loved every word of it – would love to have Saving Alexander in MOBI format. It’s driving me nuts that the release date keeps changing.
    andreanow1999 @ yahoo.com

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