Gay rights in Russia and the Winter Olympics

Men in loveViolent attacks on lesbian, gay, bi and trans people in Russia are sky-rocketing. And they’re being fuelled by a new law that make it a crime to be open about who you are and who you love.

In less than 100 days, all eyes will be on Russia for their Winter Olympics. But behind the excitement and sporting drama will be thousands of people hiding and living in fear.

But what if instead of facing the handful of people in Russia brave enough to stand up to terrifying violence and state power, the Russian government faced a movement of millions around the world?

The Olympic games are our best chance to end to Russia’s outrageous anti-gay laws – but to do it, it’s going to take lots more of us to speak out about what’s happening in Russia right now.

Watch this beautiful 2-minute video, and then sign the petition:

Thank you for going All Out.

Andre, Guillaume, Jeremy, Leandro Tile, and the rest of the All Out team.

PS: If the Russian government attacks LGBT people and there is no response from around the world, leaders in smaller, less powerful countries might think it’s safe to copy them. And things could get worse for many more people around the world. So if you haven’t already, please sign the petition here:

Gay rights in Russia and the Winter Olympics

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