Christmas Close Down 2013

Good morning! Well, Christmas is nearly upon us and in the maelstrom that is Christmas shopping and preparations, I hope that you’re all staying safe and keeping tempers cool. I know exactly what it’s like when emotions flare, nerves get on end with the constant stream of cheesy Christmas carols burbling out of those tinny supermarket speaker, and children seem to need a firm hand when they act up in the aisle next to you.


I’m still job hunting *sigh* after four months of being out of work. I’ve never been unemployed so long in my life, even when I was on maternity leave with my first born. I have been on interviews but a lot of them are waiting until January to make decisions. I am lucky that in the meantime I can focus on my writing, and keep myself busy doing something I love. All my book deadlines have been duly met PRIOR to deadline date ( how wonderful is that!) so there is a silver lining somewhere in that black unemployable cloud.

So I’m trying merrily to keep up that stiff upper lip and see the future in a positive way. I firmly believe that what will be will be and when the right thing happens, it will be all the more rewarding.

I want to say each one of you, stay safe, be happy and enjoy the family and friends over Christmas and New Year. Look back on the year past and take with you the good things you remember. Try and look forward to 2014 with optimism and of course, always learn from the lessons of the past.

I wish everyone of you a wonderful and prosperous 2014. May it bring everything you hope for it.

I’ll be busy managing my new Christmas release ‘Worth Keeping’ which is due out on the 23rd December. If you’d like any details about it, here’s the book trailer

and a pre order link.

I hope everyone out there is feeling happy and festive, and looking forward to the holidays. These are just a few of my favourite pictures of that time, most of them taken in Austria when we were there plus one my hearth at home filled with Christmas presents.







Christmas Close Down 2013

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