Head on down to Barb’s wonderful blog ‘Live your Life, Buy the Book’ and read a short character interview with Nick and Owen from my new release ‘Worth Keeping’ due out on the 23rd December. And while you’re down there, have a gingerbread cookie and a glass of mulled wine to hand. Part of the sales proceeds for this book are being donated to the NSPCC – the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. It’s a great cause and they do a lot of good for abandoned, abused and neglected children all over the UK.
And have a very Merry Christmas all!

Live Your Life, Buy The Book

LYLBTB are delighted to welcome Sue Mac Nicol. Sue’s two books Stripped Bare and Saving Alexander have been massive hits this year; and she is here to share a character interview from her new book out in December. Thanks for stopping by Sue! Now let’s get to know these boys…

A Character Interview Worth Keeping

Interview with Nick Mathers and Owen Butler from ‘Worth Keeping’ Release date 23rd December. The interviewer is a young lady called Carla from ‘Keep it in the News’ magazine.

Carla: Hey chaps, good to have you here with me on this cold, misty English evening. I see you’re all fortified with the mulled wine and gingerbread reindeer, Owen..

Owen: *nodding*-Uh huh. I have a bit of a thing for gingerbread men. When I was kid I used to consume them slowly, one bit at a time *grins slyly at Nick who gives a long…

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