This is my friend Stephen Hill’s book about his rape at the hands of two men when he was sixteen. It’s an emotional and heart wrenching tale of a man coming to terms with his ordeal and learning to live with his past. I was privileged enough to beta read it when he was writing it and I have to say he’s had one helluva life. If you like reading stories of true survivors, then this one is recommended. Stephen was also interviewed by Survivors in Manchester and you can find the interview at the link below.


You all know I’m a big advocate of men’s rights when it comes to sexual abuse as I think they sometimes struggle to be heard. I’ve written posts about it myself and if you’d like to read them you can see them here. It’s something I feel very strongly about and in fact, I depicted a scene of female on male rape in my debut novel, ‘Cassandra by Starlight.’ I used James Landrith’s own account of his ordeal at the hands of a woman rapist for my research and as a result, James sought me out and we are now friends, even from far away. Distance has no barriers when it comes to subjects like this one.

The first in the Starlight series of books
The first in the Starlight series of books


Civil Liberties and Sexual Rights activist James Landrith has been through the same thing. He’s vocal about his support for victims of rape and you can read all about his views -sometimes very strongly worded!- on his website.



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