My Rogues Gallery

I am proud to say that I think I have some of the hottest men in my stories. In order of appearance, I have a cheeky hacker cum escort and a serious lawyer – Shane Templar and Matthew Langer from ‘Stripped Bare. In ‘Saving Alexander’ I have Alex Montgomery and Christopher Sage –  Alex is a romance writer just like me 😉  and Sage is an actor. ‘Worth Keeping’ boasts Owen Butler, an estate agent, (I know, not so sexy) and Nick Mathers, light house keeper. Then my latest release ‘Double Alchemy’ features Cade Mairston, a Water Sprite, and Quinn Fairmont, a Warlock. Quite a mixed bunch indeed. I think my Rogues Gallery is rather tasty.

Young man in autumn Man in green Portrait of a beautiful young man Sage 5 Portrait of sexy man in sun glasses. topless young man with closed eyes























Cade and Quinn








And of course let’s not forget Taliesin, the dark and brooding sixth century Welsh sorcerer, the ‘other’ man in Quinn’s life…

dark portrait of a man









And finally, here’s Toby Prentiss and Rain Engel from ‘Waiting for Rain’. Hotel Manager and carpenter, and I make no apologies for the fact they are both shirtless…


Toby and Rain 1







You can get to know them all intimately if you fancy by taking a little trip down to my Amazon Author page and seeing all my books.

I mean this is simply such a smorgasbord of delectable men and I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting them. 🙂

Next time I may well introduce you to some of the gorgeous, talented and oh so sexy men of the Male Pole Dancing Group I run on Facebook with fellow admin, Shanella McBeth. We have such fun don’t we *winks*

Here’s a little teaser pic…


The incredible Kenneth Kao
The incredible Kenneth Kao



My Rogues Gallery

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