My writing process (Err, sorry, what’s that?)

I was tagged by fellow author Sarah Granger to participate in this meme about my writing process. Of course my first question to her ‘Oh, is there a writing process?’ Well I never. *grins* Of course for everyone the process is different so I’ll try explain a little about mine in this post. I think Hemingway had the ‘write’ idea myself.


What am I working on?

Currently I’m working on a series of six books revolving around men in London. The series is called, strangely enough,’Men In London’ and the first book is called ‘Love you Senseless’. It’s the story of Gideon Kent who was damaged in a fire and as a result lost his sense of smell and taste. He’s a little bitter about that as he was an award winning chef and now feels he doesn’t have what it takes to continue his culinary career. When he meets another young, rising chef in the making, Eddie Tripp, Gideon realises there’s more to life than simply regretting life and living with only his remaining three senses. The series will be set around a trendy restaurant in Soho called Galileo’s, which Gideon owns.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I don’t think I can answer this one. I think this is the sort of question best aimed at readers to tell me what differentiates my stories from those of others in the same genre. I write damaged men – so does Garrett Leigh. I write stories set in the UK -so do Josephine Myles and Sue Brown. So what makes mine different ? I don’t really know. Readers, please give us your thoughts on this one 🙂

Why do I write what I do?

I write M/M Romance because I discovered I have a passion for it. I started reading it and got completely hooked by the tales of strong men fighting for each other, hurting and loving each other and having raunchy sex which makes your nether regions tingle. I love the settings of the stories, the plot lines that to me differ from the M/F genre and the fact that you have this whole other side to men that we as writers can develop and make our own.


How does my writing process work?

I am a confirmed pantser. I get the vague idea about two men and a story, I sit down, write the first line and work from there. I have no detailed plot development, no rich character summaries, no bloody idea at all how things are going to go. I do however keep a timeline of events, with the important scenes noted, so I don’t trip myself up talking about something out of chronological order and making a fool of myself. I have perhaps 10 lines on my character’s physical attributes and some major traits and habits. I have a one pager on what the story is all about and how I want it to end and that’s that.

I sit here in my corner, where all my books have been written and I simply type away and let the story flow and the characters tell me where we’re headed.

My study 2

Now, this meme asks me to nominate a couple of other people to share their answers to these questions. I had a couple of victims picked out and they agreed with a little of the turning of the screws, threats , and the promise of virtual hugs if they participated. It’s hard to find good help nowadays. *sigh*

Rory Ni Coileain – now this lady is one of my favourite authors and I just love her paranormal take on the Fae world and all her sexy, tortured heroes. especially my favourite – Garrett the insanely beautiful pole dancer. She knows of my obsession in this regard and sends me the occasional picture treat. Err, Rory, I think it might be about time for another one ?






Fae DominanceThen there’s J B Miller who writes these fantastical novels about sexy Fae in her Dia Mclearey novels. She has some beautiful covers….check them out on her Facebook page. This is one I loved…

Well, I hope that’s given you a little insight into the writing process I use, and I’m sure you have your own that works for you. Whatever your method, as long as it gets you putting words to keyboard or paper whatever your process is, that’s all readers can ask for. So carry on doing whatever it is you do to keep the world turning with sexy stories of romance and sex.

My writing process (Err, sorry, what’s that?)

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  1. I confess to having to read this twice, having got hopelessly distracted by the pictures the first time through, but I really enjoyed this (both times)! I’m excited to hear about the series you’re working on, and what a great excuse that’s going to be for trying all sorts of different foods so I can read about them with more understanding. And thank you for sharing the picture of your writing corner. It’s nice to be able to visualise the place where so many wonderful tales have been formed.

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