Book Villains – as they prepare to be wicked….


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Villains and Darkness

As it’s Halloween and the scary things tend to come out of the closets and attack at night, I thought I’d write a little something about the villains featured in my books.

I’ve featured homophobic arseholes like Walter Debussy and Roy Parsons in ‘Stripped Bare’. They give poor Shane Templar a very hard time and not in the way he likes. Shane ends up in a coma in hospital thanks to Roy and his basebell bat. In ‘Saving Alexander’ we have flame haired Eric Rossi, who starts out as an alright guy, then becomes a little too possessive of Alexander Montgomery and causes him a lot of pain -physical and emotional. Eric literally wields that whip with a little too much personal pleasure and Alex suffers with pain far more than he envisaged. Especially when he has to tell the man he loves to leave him from fear he will be hurt too.

In Worth Keeping, tormented Nick Mathers has to cope with a stalkerish ex-boyfriend, Brad, coming after him and his lover, Owen, at the lighthouse he lives in. Luckily they manage to turn the tables and Owen is pretty handy with a paperweight, but not until Nick has been reminded of his horrific past as threats of physical and sexual harm come back to torment him.

And then of course there is Blair Malcolme in Love and Punishment, probably the most charming and dangerous of them all. Seemingly normal and an attentive boyfriend to Marshall, he is nothing more than a psychopathic killer who uses and abuses people before he slits their throats. What he does to the man he supposedly cares for, Marshall, is sick and twisted and I’ve been told many people wince and clench their bum cheeks together when reading this scene. Sorry, all 🙂

I love the introduction of a villain, the person we love to hate as we cheer the lead men on to defeat them and help the villains get their come-uppance. It’s a great ending to a story when those who cause suffering and harm are dispatched in whatever way the author deems fair.

So tell me – who is YOUR favourite villain? Leave a comment below letting me know and I’ll choose two random winners for the giveaway I’m offering below.

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Book Villains – as they prepare to be wicked….

17 thoughts on “Book Villains – as they prepare to be wicked….

  1. One of my favorite villians is Lash in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. He was vile. Another villian is Captain Jack Randall in the TV show/book Outlander. It was so weird watching the scenes where he was her husband, hurting because he can’t find her, then the next scene he was just sadistic as Randall.

  2. I like Morris Day in PURPLE RAIN (the only one who seemed to have fun!) or enforcer Damon Trebuchet from the horrid short-lived hockey soap MVP (Peter Miller was the only one who seemed committed to such dreck, and I understand why his character would hate all the other awful people!)…

  3. Domin Thorne was such a bad guy in Change of Heart by Mary Calmes but by the end he was actually a pretty decent dude.Villains by Andrea Speed, had two very good characters who were villains but they didn’t feel or seem like villains.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  4. I’m loving reading about your favourite villains. It’s strange how sometimes the bad guy seems to resonate with us as much as the good guys. Thanks everyone for stopping by and I wish you all the best of luck in the giveaway 🙂

  5. My favorite Villan is The Joker in Batman. I would lve to win Love and Punishment in PDF format. Thank you for the chance.


  6. Hi, thank you for your blog post and reminders of the evil ones in your books 🙂 I think one of my favourite villains is (Professor James) Moriarty and I do admit to reading some of the fanfic for him and Sherlock Holmes, as their relationship is love/hate and I like the actor who plays him in the latest BBC series, Andrew Scott.

    If I am lucky enough to be one of your winners, please may I have a mobi copy of Love You Senseless (Men of London #1) or maybe Saving Alexander. Thank you for being part of this spooky blog tour slholland22 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  7. I grew up on Disney – my favorite villains were Maleficent, Ursula & Gaston. Thanks for a chance at winning some of your stories.

  8. Really liked the portrayal of the bad guys/villains in Whiskey and Wry, Aftermath, and Sex and Sourdough. Torn between really sadistic, over the top bad guys and those that you can almost empathize with. If they aren’t actual criminals, I like seeing the authors use them as main characters in later books – the rehab process can be interesting.

    I’ve read Waiting for Rain and Worth Keeping (loved both!), so any of your others would be awesome

  9. Good evening all. The winners have been drawn from the hat and the lucky people are :

    Lynn Frederick who wanted a copy of Double Alchemy and

    Sandy – a copy of Love You Senseless will be on its way to you soon. If there’s another you’d rather have, let me know asap.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by and taking part in the blog hop.

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