52 First Dates and author A. Lusch

Algenon Lusch is a good, personal friend of mine. We met via Twitter one night when I saw a tweet he was going to visit his boyfriend in Canada, got chatting, found he lived in the UK not far from me and arranged, finally, to meet up. My husband was a bit wary because I have a habit of meeting strange people, either other authors or fans, and I think he’s worried that one day I will end up chopped up as sushi for some needy family. They could do worse – there’s enough of me to feed them for, like, a year. But I have rules. Always meet in public places, buy my own drinks and take a sneaky picture of them and upload to my Google Pictures account so if I do go missing, my family know what they look like and who I was last seen with.


I’d like to think Algernon and I hit it off and we’ve been friends ever since. I went to his wedding this year when he married said boyfriend from Canada. True fairy tale ending. He had this crazy plan about finding a husband by dating different men one week at one a time and it certainly paid off. This plan is contained in his series of books called 52 First Dates. He’s just released the fourth one in the series, and I have just one clicked. I have no doubt I’ll enjoy it as I always do.



It got me to thinking about how other gay men found their life partners. I wrote this post about a man called Ted Hayes and his partner Jack a while ago and this really brings home the power of love over all else.

Ted and Jack

It was a beautiful story indeed and transcended all the bigotry and small mindedness to create a relationship that will filled with love until the day it ended.

But I digress. We were talking about Algenon. These are his other books in the series, and I can heartily recommend starting at book 1 and then working your way through them. They are funny, blunt, sexy and truthful account of one’s man plan to find that all elusive partner and having a lot of fun in the process. Do yourself a favour and try them out. They aren’t heavy reading, just a hot, light hearted and truthful romp through a gay man’s sex life and I’m sure they will keep you entertained.


A Lusch trilogy

Here is the buy link for A. Lusch’s Amazon Author Page where you can buy the series.

A. Lusch – Amazon UK

A.Lusch -Amazon US

I’d like to wish him all the very best for this latest release and if you love me at all, you’ll support him too…*gives everyone big puppy dog blue eyes’. No pressure…unless…substitute me for Elmo and you’ll figure it out.






52 First Dates and author A. Lusch

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