There’s a new LGBT publisher in town….

I am proud to announce that I’m a small part of a new publishing venture that’s about to hit the streets.

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This is our mantra…

We include all types of works about gay men,whether it be relationships written by gay men/women or straight, it doesn’t matter. The focus is romance, crime, mystery, paranormal with a gay theme (because after all, it’s perfectly normal right; it shouldn’t be set apart because its about two men together!) rather than gay romance, gay mystery, gay thriller etc…. It means someone buys it for the story it offers. We strive to have this kind of reaction: ‘Oh my God! That’s such a great thriller, and you know what, it’s got two guys in it, but wow! it’s a fab book!’ That way you get the best of both – the hard-core readers who only buy gay romance and perhaps some others who buy it despite the fact it has two gay guys.

I mean, come on, what’s sexier than two men falling in love and having hot, steamy sex and building their relationship the way a relationship should be built- with understanding, a bit of give and take, love and of course, passion 🙂

The official launch for this venture is today, the 5th January 2015. You can read all about us here on the website and I’ve also included other links for people so they can find us wherever they look. In today’s world of social media being King and Queen, it pays to be everywhere you can.

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Google+ : CooldudesPublishing MM Romance

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You Tube : CooldudesPublishing MM Romance



Please pop down and take a look at what we offer and hopefully, we can all be part of something fresh and new and to me, very exciting….

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There’s a new LGBT publisher in town….

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