Susan Mac Nicol = sum of two young pole dancers

Hell, I have to be honest. I was a tad worried when I went up to visit two young, gay, gorgeous, sexy young men who I’d never met before but communicated with on Facebook. Not because they might be crazy serial killers (although I guess there is that too) but because I wasn’t sure what I had in common with them, to keep them amused or entertained. I mean, look at the facts – I’m not young. I’m not gay. I’m not sexy. I’m definitely not a pole dancer, unless you count swinging around a lamp post in the rain belting out ‘Singing in The Rain’. Fred would have been proud of me that one time…..



So off I went in the hope that things would be fine. The guys were eagerly awaiting my arrival. Well, not really. They looked happy to see me though 🙂 We started out at the pole dance studio where Warren trains. and

An impromptu photo shoot was had by all, with my hubby pointing the camera while the guys showed me their moves and I tried to actually look as if I could get a leg over the pole. Jakub is the human flag, and Warren is in the pink tee shirt. I think you can figure out which one is me.

All of us


W and J 2



W and J 8

With the hilarity of me actually participating in a bit of leg over coming to a close, we decided to go out on the town. One a pub crawl actually. I couldn’t tell you the names of where we went; not because I’d had too much to drink but because, honestly, I don’t remember the names– and that was when the fun started.




I’m not a drinker and don’t normally over indulge in the delights of booze, due to a complicated family history involving a lot of alcoholic family members. However; and this is a BIG however; that night I got a little ‘in my cups’ trying to keep up with said young men, and drank enough in my ‘personal spirit level of drinking measure’ to create a lake on which to float the Titanic. I can only hope I did nothing crazy, or make a fool of myself. I actually haven’t asked either of them 🙂 I’m very fortunate that I don’t suffer from hangovers. Suffice it to say I had a lot of fun, as you can see from the pictures, I like to think the guys had some fun too and by the time the night ended, I hadn’t ended up chopped up into pieces and stuffed into a suitcase, so all was good.




And between Jakub (in the green sweatshirt) texting his boyfriend and Warren probably checking his Grindr profile and me checking Facebook (as you do), we managed to have a good time. I learnt a lot about their *ahem* bedroom habits and personal lives and watched my poor husband’s eyes glaze over. What’s grist to the mill to me and the young gents, was a bit of an education to him. I learnt how to say ‘Buh Bye’ with a diva flair, had a few lessons in gay slang and all was right with the world.

We even managed to take a trip down to stand outside Celts, a place that gets mentioned in one of my books ‘Waiting For Rain’ as I had to get a picture of the three of us standing in front of it. Jakub had a bit of a cold, hence the big furry jacket. It’s not like he’s a princess or anything 🙂  Warren is a tough Leicester lad, so he’s used to the chilly air.


It was a great weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it. There’s something about meeting new people, these vibrant, fun and very cheeky individuals, that kind of makes you breathe a sigh of happiness and hope it happens again.

I’ve given you some details on these two guys, as in their own right, they are professionals, and hard working and ambitious young men who deserve success and recognition. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoyed meeting them.

Warren Joseph Allen


Warren designs and builds wonderful websites, and in fact, he’s working with me at the moment to build a very special web site, about which you’ll find about more in due course. He’s also revamping my business website. I’m loving what he’s doing with it.

Warren is a 23 year old lad, born and raised in Leicester, England. He’s a very laid back, yet fun loving, kind of guy who lists “laughing” as one of his favourite things to do. Currently he works as an accountant in industry by day, for a software development company. But, in the evenings loves nothing more than shedding the layers and taking to the pole! He has a very dry, sarcastic sense of humour which is sometimes misconstrued and gets him in to trouble… Especially when he drops a “bitch, please!” into general conversation at work. His snarky quick wit and sharp tongue will have you either crying with laughter or wondering what you’re doing out of the house with that ratchet hair! Under the tough, diva-bitch exterior is a warm heart filled with sound, level-headed, no-nonsense advice for anyone that needs (and asks) for it. He’s always the first to offer a helping hand; he’s nice like that. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and if you’re very lucky, sometimes on Grindr… He’s single so gentlemen, please form an orderly queue.

I wrote my own bio for Warren…because I could 🙂

Warren is a 23 year old, happy go lucky, phenomenal bitch with a bit of a thing for his hair. (His bed hair has been known to have people run screaming from the room thinking they have just come into contact with a friendly, affable Yeti.) He’s even cuter in person than he looks on screen and camera and he smells really good too.  He’s good with ladies who have partied too hard and need a bit of gentle, manly support as they stagger to their taxi. Oh and he’s a great shot too, because he can get popcorn into a woman’s bra from a few feet away.

Warren is a number cruncher in the day job but at night he dons a cape and flies the pole. I mean he flies on the pole. Multiple poles. Oh heck, the man poles dances, okay?  Anything else you might have thought of in your dirty, sex fevered brain is a figment of your own dirty minded nature. Shame on you.

No lucky someone has yet snapped up this morsel of sex on a stick; so gents, form a line and take a number. When it’s called, maybe he’ll give you some of his valuable time. Of course, you need to be prepared to be preserved forever in his infamous spreadsheet, notably titled ‘Spread ‘Em’.

He’s a quirky and insanely witty young man with a penchant for drag queens and all things gay slang. He has been known to get himself into trouble with his quick tongue (again with the dirty minds!) and snark. Underneath that diva exterior though is a man with a warm heart and a great ability to listen to people. He’s often put upon for advice and where he can, he likes to think he helps. He’s a whole lot of fun, a person who actually gives a toss, great company and is definitely someone that I’m privileged to know. If I was half my age and he swung my way, I’d be ‘aving him.

He’s absolutely fabulous and I’m really glad we got the chance to be friends. Oh, and he inspired a future character appearing in my Men Of London series, so watch out for that one..

Jakub Kolasa

Jakub 2

Jakub is twenty two years old, and currently lives in Warsaw, Poland. He’s the proud owner of his own pole dancing studio, where he teaches, called Sunset Girl Pole Dance Studio. Jakub has been poling for close on two and half years.  You can check out his studio here:

He’s an accomplished pole gymnast and among his great achievements he counts being the Polish Pole Dance champion, Hungarian Pole Fitness Champion, and came 4th at the World Pole Sport Championships. You can see some of his performances here:

Jakub’s YouTube Channel

He’s energetic, quirky and a great dancer – he has a background in ballroom and contemporary dance- and while he’s always polite, he can be a real snarky bitch when the need arises.  He’s also got the whole ‘Buh Bye’ wave and wrist flick down to a fine art. He’s been with his boyfriend Sebastian for two and a half years and they are very happy together. Jakub has a real thing for having his hair ‘just so’. He’s pretty fussy that way. And you can tell from the result because he looks awesome. 🙂

Sue says…..

I can vouch for all of the above. Having met Jakub, (oh, and gone drinking and dancing with him) I can confirm that he’s funny, completely adorable and has quite the attitude and sass. His quick tongue and dry humour makes me laugh. And he is definitely a master at the whole ‘Buh Bye’ movement. He tried to teach me but I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it like he has.

I’m thrilled to have met him, and had the chance to get to know him a little better. I hope we get the chance to do it again soon.

And here endeth the saga of romance author meeting pole dancer dudes. I think someone should make a film about it. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and until next time …adieu.






Susan Mac Nicol = sum of two young pole dancers

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