Rainbow Romance Writers and Genre Drama

Oh wow. We’ve had a bumper crop of crap these past few weeks/months? Anyway….what with Josh Lanyon ‘coming out’ and declaring he is actually a she called Diana Killian (something fairly well suspected within the genre itself I might say),  all the articles and blah-blah focusing on men versus women writing in the M/M genre, and whether someone with a vagina can write better than a man with a penis, and of course the latest scandal involving Laura Harner and her unbelievable plagiarism, we M/M writers and readers and bloggers must all be in need of a stiff one. A cup of tea or a whisky I mean.

I’m not going to re-hash any of these old cherries; suffice it to say it’s all been done to death and we’re moving on. However, I did want to publicise this recent article from the Rainbow Romance Writers Chapter of the Romance Writers of America, of which I am a member.


It’s a great post setting things out in perspective and apologising to the authors who were affected – Becky McGraw and Opal Carew. The genre has been dragged unwillingly into the spotlight, garnering negative criticism and assisting so called pundits from supposedly respected newspapers like The Washington Post to write one sided articles about the status of our genre.

Without further ado, here’s the post RWA made on their website yesterday. Below is also a short extract that I’m sure Chapter Secretary, Deanna Wadsworth, won’t mind me sharing.

‘The romance writing community cannot dismiss an admitted act of plagiarism as mere online mudslinging, something to be quickly forgotten until the next time our Twitter feeds blow up with the latest drama. But we will come out stronger and wiser in the wake of this incident. The reminder to educate ourselves about our rights as authors is already a positive outcome to take away.

Remember: one person’s actions cannot reflect who we are as writers, nor can it define our genre in any way shape or form. RRW is a strong community full of supportive and wonderful people. We are proud of our members and the original books they create every day. Romance writers of all genres stand together because we are a community of friends who support one another.

Stay positive, stay proud, and keep writing!’ end of quote

I think this is pretty well said.  The full article can be read here :

Rainbow Romance Writers Facebook Page



Rainbow Romance Writers and Genre Drama

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