Divine Magazine needs a new editor

From the desk of Susan Mac Nicol (I’ve always wanted to say that)

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It’s with regret that I recently announced I’m stepping down as Editorial Manager for Divine Magazine. I’ve had a phenomenal time in this role to date. I’ve met a lot of fascinating and interesting people, I’ve had so much fun and I’ve made some wonderful friends. I’ve interviewed porn stars and their families, Presidential 2016 candidates, pop stars, film stars, and pole dancing men. Namely my friends Warren and Jakub in the picture….W and J 2






I thought I was Superwoman and could manage it all. Imagine my surprise when I found out that I couldn’t. I’m simply a normal person, trying to fulfil too many roles and finding myself lacking as a result. My writing simply became another facet of the creative side of me; and in trying to split myself into too many parts, much like Sybil, I lost the passion and joy I once had for writing. it became a chore not a pleasure.

I took the tough decision therefore to focus back on this side of me that has always bought me such joy and rewards. It was time.

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To my fellow team members at Divine, I say a huge Thank You because honestly, you made my life even more interesting and I hope we remain firm friends. I will always be there for Divine. I’ll be a freelancer and write posts when I can, and expect nothing in return. I’ll continue to help any way I can because I love the magazine and what it stands for. But it’s time to hand the reins as Editor over to someone else. Someone who can devote more time to bring this magazine the recognition it deserves.

So if you fancy becoming a part of it, let them know. There’s an open call out for a new editor at the link below. Take a look and see if it’s anything you might fancy doing.

Divine is looking for a new editor

Thank you to everyone who’s been involved with Divine and contributed to make it the amazing place it is.

This isn’t the end of a chapter. It’s the start of a new one.




Divine Magazine needs a new editor

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