Points of Sue and a bit of a rant (apologies to Divine)

You aren’t going to believe me when I tell you this but this post was written and scheduled over a week ago to be published today. I’ve had to amend some of it now because it was too close to the bone bearing in mind the recent event in Orlando. It was the removal of a child’s headstone from his grave that set me off on this one originally. That and the news headlines where tragedy and hate against each other seemed to abound.


This doesn’t start out as a jolly post at all, so if you’re depressed, don’t read it. It could end up ugly. I nearly bashed myself on the head writing it just to stop the miserable thoughts. If you are upset at the thought of violence or have been affected by such, then this could trigger bad feelings. Be aware though. I may prove unpopular to some with some of my beliefs. That won’t stop me though because I need to say it.

So here I go. Can I say- sometimes I think the world should stop turning, we should all fall off and the universe should start again to create a better place.

What is it with human beings that they feel they have a right to poop on other people’s parades, define how someone should live their lives, decide that a certain way of life should be the ONLY way to live, decide that someone who is different to them is wrong, or that what is their norm should be everyone else’s? What the hell is it with us that certain people are hell bent on everyone conforming to the same ideals they have as regards religion, beliefs, notion of gender, sexuality, colour, physical appearance.

WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT, it’s what makes us human beings. The fact we are not mass produced like alien spawn in a Matrix like environment with wet slime coating our bodies and transparent tubes feeding us God knows what is exactly what makes us unique.


The only things we all have in common is the fact we are bags of blood and bone, set in an outer covering of skin, and we all have a consciousness of some sort. We don’t all have the same organs, body parts or the same shaped features. Hell, sometimes even the skin part may be in question. So I ask again – what gives one person or a group of people domain over another to affect the way they live, love and die? Other than the rules we have in place to protect each other.

I understand societal rules, laws and restrictions that protect most of us. I truly do and for the most part I respect them. These are the laws that keep us safe, that give some semblance of humanity into the world of being human. Because simply being a human being doesn’t make you an automatic member of humanity. Far from it. This is the definition of humanity- below. (PS I don’t agree with some of it. I don’t think it’s limited to planet Earth; I think if an alien or robot shows the same capacity to love and care for someone, and be compassionate, it’s entitled to be grouped with the rest of in the ‘humanity’ category. I’ve seen I-Robot… )

Humanity is the human race, which includes everyone on Earth. It’s also a word for the qualities that make us human, such as the ability to love and have compassion, be creative, and not be a robot or alien. The word humanity is from the Latin humanitas for “human nature, kindness.”

Ergo, they are qualities which make us empathic, sympathetic, compassionate and loving. A serial killer skinning his victims and boiling them for a late time snack does not a humanitarian make. Therefore, in my view, said people boiler is not entitled to any human rights. Because he or she is not really human if they have no humanity. It’s what I think anyway. I even wrote a book about it.


I’m digressing. The whole point of this post is to say openly to some dickwad out there, ‘Who the hell are YOU, Mr or Mrs. WTF, to say someone can’t take pleasure in a child’s special headstone after they’ve passed on?’

‘Who are you, Mr. Thundershit, to say a man can’t hold hands with his boyfriend?’ (I’m channelling my character Lenny here with his favourite swearword- heels, where’s my heels and what have you done with my wig, bitch?)

‘Who are you, Mrs. High and effing Mighty, to say being gay is wrong, being a Catholic or a Protestant is wrong, that if you have a disability you’re less of a human being, if you’re a plus size you should be ashamed of yourself because you’re nothing but a piggy- glutton, if you’re depressed you are obviously a weak person with no backbone’…I could go on and on.

Since when did we become so damn judgemental with one another? It’s a man- made condition, make no doubt about that. It’s years of conditioning, nurturing in a negative way, both in society, religion and culture, by those before us which makes people think theirs is the only path. And this kind of brain washing sucks and is dangerous to the extreme.


Sigh. And yet – human beings also have access to one very important commodity. It’s called HOPE. It is what springs eternal in the human breast and it’s what we have to keep channelling and feeling. Because, after all-what’s the alternative? A future lived in fear, dictated to by the minorities who believe in destruction not the sanctity of life? A path ahead strewn with hate and bitterness, causing untold damage to more innocents? A life filled with pain and angst as we begin to believe in the very things we are trying to fight against-injustice, that bullying and violence resolves problems, and that the more we close ourselves off as human beings, and protect ourselves by withdrawing from humanity, the less we will feel.

Being human is a joy, it’s a journey we all make with each other and that’s what we need to remember. That it’s the actions of one individual, or a group of individuals, that cause heartache and tragedy. Because when I look around me, all I see are a caring and compassionate group of individuals who all believe life can be good, and kind, and worth carrying on for. I see people who believe in the live and let live, live and let love philosophies and I embrace those people with all the affection in my heart and say Yes! Carry on because this is the only way we can bring reason to the world, even when it costs dearly in the struggle. Because this isn’t a fairy tale or a romance novel with a happy ever after. Tragedies happen and no matter what, all we can do is rebuild stronger and more determined than ever before.


So whenever you have a decision to make and you’re not sure you’re making the right one – ask yourself ‘what’s the alternative.’ You might be surprised at the sense of perspective you find when you do.

And continue spreading the message that it’s okay to be who you are, that every single human on this planet matters. To themselves and to someone else. NO ONE is better than anyone else- not the Pope, the Queen, the billionaire, the film star, the priest, the Prime Minister or the rock singer. Or Joe down the road with his big house and fancy car who thinks he’s something special. Or Mavis next door who used to be a big wig in the Women’s Institute and now lords it over the community with her lofty ideals of grandeur. Or the parents and relatives who think their children should follow in their footsteps to the point where they, the children, have to hide who they really are and live in fear.

No one has a right to dictate how you live your life. Be proud of who you are and keep striving to be that person. It’s your own one-person journey and you have the right to travel its path without feeling guilty or ashamed.

#BeWhoYouAre  #NoGuilt  #KeepHopeAlive


Points of Sue and a bit of a rant (apologies to Divine)

One thought on “Points of Sue and a bit of a rant (apologies to Divine)

  1. I fear you’re pissing in the wind, but a brave effort.
    I hold that in fact the shitstorms are shitstorms, but what makes the world work is the millions and millions of small acts of kindness that happen every day

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