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In celebration of Divine’s new author service, Divine Promotions,  I’m participating in their Summer Blog Hop.

I don’t cook much, so giving out my favourite Summer recipe is a no-no. Instead I’ll tell you a bit about my best memories of Summer.

I lived in South Africa for over thirty years. So, summer there was celebrated exactly how you’d think it would be – swimming, having what we called ‘braais’, and others call a BBQ, tanning on our towels, stretched out on grass or sun loungers, running around drying off in the dry heat of day and basking in the sunshine. It was cold beers by our pool, crisp gin and tonics at sundown, the insistent and annoying whine of mosquitos at dusk and during the warm nights, sweating under the loose covers and wishing there was a breeze to make things just that little bit cooler. It was the cold, refreshing shower you took when you went inside then had an afternoon nap because it was so hot. It was the late afternoon thunderstorm, like clockwork around 3 pm, when you sat on your ‘stoep’ or patio, and watched the clouds build into dark grey masses of angry. A thunderstorm in SA is a magnificent thing to see. They are fierce, unapologetic, magnificent in their majesty and you are left in awe of their power. Car alarms would sound down the block when the thunder hit, the house alarm would go off, the dogs would howl and it would be a cacophony of fierceness. Then as suddenly as it hit, it was over. The clouds dissipated, the sun shone again, the garden smelt of scents released by the rain and the wind and we all jumped back in the pool without a care in the world. Towels that were left out in the rain, and were sodden, are quickly dried by the dry heat of the African sun.

Picture courtesy of my husband when he visited a few years ago
Picture courtesy of my husband when he visited a few years ago

The summers in SA are different to the ones I experience here in the UK. Summer here is softer, more genteel. More refined. The temperature is pleasantly warm, not hot and dry. Summer in England is the buzz of bees around country gardens. It’s the chirrup of birds in trees and the chattering of squirrels. It’s the soft pitter-patter of raindrops against leaded panes, the steady swish of the rain as it falls in sheets. It’s the rushing around bringing everything in before the rain hits, because the temperature drops and one can’t count now on the scorching African sun to dry everything out within minutes.



Where summer in Africa is a fierce warrior, full of extremes, summer in England is a genteel country gentleman, full of nuance. I love the differences, I’ve been fortunate to experience them both. I like them equally, not having a favourite. Both have their own charms and quirks. A little like me.

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Divine Magazine Summer Blog Hop 2016

6 thoughts on “Divine Magazine Summer Blog Hop 2016

  1. One of my fondest summer memories is vacationing at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego with my family. So beautiful!!!

  2. Ooh, I love your contrasting images of a SA and UK summer. Very nice indeed! I love reading about places so different from where I live. 🙂

  3. My favorite summer ever is one my family spent in Kenai, Alaska a few years ago. All the daylight, the summer weather, the fishing, the hiking, just everything was perfect. If life allowed, I would spend every summer there!

  4. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
    One of the best vaca’s was when I was a teen and we took a month-long tour through Europe. It was like stepping back to the past with all the gorgeous landmarks. The countryside was unbelievably beautiful and the people so beautiful. For my young self, it was quite impressive.
    taina1959 @ yahoo.com

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