Blog Tour -24 May – Psychopaths & Sinners – Jack L. Pyke

I’m thrilled to welcome Jack L. Pyke to my website today on the Psychopath and Sinners blog tour. Jack is one of my Auto Buy authors and this series, starting with DON’T has kept me enthralled with every new book that comes out. I guess this one will be no different.

I love dark and gritty, men with issues, a certain , shall we say, loosening of scruples and morals and boy, does this series have this in spades. Jack writes like a true wordsmith and her books are a delight to read. And re-read.

And check out this awesome cover….


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Author: Jack L. Pyke

Novel: Psychopaths & Sinners, Don’t… book 5

Release Date: 22nd May, 2018

Blurb: “Because us? Psychopaths and sinners… we don’t need fixing, Gray.”

Three bodies, three mutilations, each one with something… unusual inserted into the wounds. The deaths are enough to leave Ash Thomas scrambling around to find someone to trust as the murders hit so close to home and heart.

For Gray Raoul, MI5 director of G-Branch, the deaths offer something else, a fall back into a familiar life where culling serial killers cater to his own darker mindset. But the farther Gray moves away from home, the more he realises serial killer games in the field are nothing compared to who he has locked up back at home. Sometimes walking the fine line between psychopaths and live-in lovers is a far darker game.

For Ash, that might just mean he’s on his own now, facing a killer who has a deadly fascination for pretty young men and dancing Holly Blue butterflies over their skin.


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This picture has a special significance in this story. Read to find out what 🙂


Jack L. Pyke blames her dark writing influences on living close to one of England’s finest forests. Having grown up hearing a history of kidnappings, murders, strange sightings, and sexual exploits her neck of the woods is renowned for, Jack takes that into her writing, having also learned that human coping strategies for intense situations can sometimes make the best of people have disastrously bad moments. Redeeming those flaws is Jack’s drive, and if that drive just happens to lead to sexual tension between two or more guys, Jack’s the first to let nature take its course.


Blog Tour -24 May – Psychopaths & Sinners – Jack L. Pyke

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