That bloody GDPR thing..

More about the dreaded GDPR. I deal with this daily in the day job and am part of a workshop group implementing it into the financial services business I work in. The consultant we use has basically said this guy has the gist of it re newsletters and blog subscribers and I thought it worth repeating. This isn’t gospel- if you are an author or blogger and have a website, or newsletter, you need to decide for yourself how you want to handle this. But in the interests of potentially not losing subscribers, this may be something you’d like to think about.

I’m NOT advocating any course of action just letting you know this is how I’m choosing to tackle it. So my newsletter will still continue to go out to those who have already signed up by choosing to opt in to it originally. The same with my blog, which is my preferred way of communication anyway.

These are the important bits:

4. Consent was (originally) via an opt in box they had to tick. You should not need to re-ask consent as long as the opt in was clearly defined and not part of any other service.

5. They signed up to the mailing list on your site. You should not need to re-ask consent.

My website privacy policy has been updated to be GDPR compliant and answers all the questions someone might want to know about how their data is used. Subscribers can easily unsubscribe at any time without question and their data is only being used for the original purpose they signed up for. All done and dusted 🙂

If you have any concerns or questions, you can always contact me via the Contact page.

That bloody GDPR thing..

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