My film TV pilot selected at Oaxaca Film Festival !

I can now give you that exciting news I promised you. In 2013 I wrote a TV Pilot for a BBC One screen writing competition, based on my very first book, Cassandra by Starlight. This was book one in a series I called Starlight. It was inspired by my man crush, Benedict Cumberbatch. The story revolves around an up and coming actor called Bennett Saville, and the love of his life, Cassie Wallace, who is ten years older than him.

The screenplay working title was called Reel Life. I revamped it, based on what I’d learnt writing scripts with Nicholas Down, (with Sight Unseen) and submitted it to the Oaxaca Film Festival, a well-respected and well-known festival out of Mexico. It’s been running now over nine years.

Reel Life got selected for the festival 😊

Out of the thousands of projects that were submitted this year, less than 5% make the cut, so as a newbie scriptwriter, I’m very proud of this accomplishment.

“Reel Life” is a FINALIST and will be competing with other projects in the category of TV Pilots.

It will also be competing for the main award of the 2018 Global Script Challenge: Best Overall Script. (This is weird because of another reason I’ll tell you about in a little while 😊)


This comes at an auspicious time because a few months ago I decided it was time for this trilogy to be completed and the third and final book in the series, Forever in Starlight, is out on 30th August. At that time, I hadn’t even thought of submitting the screenplay I did so many years ago. So I’m hoping this is a good omen. It all feels a little surreal, though. Who knew?


My film TV pilot selected at Oaxaca Film Festival !

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