Giant Giveaway, and a new release to make you lick your lips….

October is a busy month for me!! As well as the Men of London box set release, the third book in my latest series will also be out on October 22nd. This book is called Cover Me In Chocolate and as the title suggests, it’s rather edible…

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A missing young woman, an abusive boyfriend, and a trail with dead-end clues have Clay Mortimer and Tate Williams of M&W Investigations chasing their tails. Not a position they often find themselves in, if ever. When an employee of the erotic chocolate shop in Fetish Alley disappears, the usual suspects don’t pan out, and Tate and Clay need to find the clue that’ll help them solve the case. When chocolate moulds of the missing woman’s body parts start being delivered and are accompanied by odd notes, the urgency to find her ratchets up. And through it all, Tate and Clay find all sorts of delicious ways to spice up their love.

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And then this is happening…


It’s almost here!! On the 15th October, there will be a special Men of London boxset – e-book and print version – released.

Because of Amazon’s pricing policy, the sets are split into two, each containing FIVE books. Pricing has been set for $9.99 for each of the e-book volumes and $17.50 for each print volume. It’s a steal 🙂

I don’t have the buy links yet, but if you keep an eye here you’ll see them added soon.

Along with these releases on the 15th, I’ll be running a HUGE giveaway where you can win a load of quirky things related to the MOL series. So far this goody bag has no less than 15 items in it and promises to be a load of fun for the lucky winner.

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All the very best in the giveaway and good luck!

Giant Giveaway, and a new release to make you lick your lips….

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