Exciting News for 2020

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching recently and I’ve decided I need to take my writing in another direction and give myself another string to my author bow.

I love writing MM Romance but I’m also very into my fantasy stuff, urban, olde world, LOTR, Harry Potter – I love it all. I started an otherworld epic adult adventure book when I was 16 and I got 30 000 words down and left it to languish. It’s time I finished this story now. So while my focus next year will be this book, I’ll still be writing MM books in 2020, but I may not be as prolific as before. At the moment, I’ve got one due in February and another planned for later in the year.

I adore each and every one of my MM readers and you need to think of it as me slowing down the press for a while. Dipping my toes in another pond  That said, a lot can happen LOL and one can never say never.

I’m well aware fantasy is another tough genre to break into but I don’t really care  I’m lucky enough to write for fun, and if I relied on royalties, I’d certainly be that starving author in the garret. I also know a lot of you love this fantasy genre too, so perhaps I can write something that isn’t primarily in the MM/gay arena but that you’ll enjoy anyway 😍 PS I’ll be writing a diverse range of characters, and who knows who will creep in?

If you’d like to connect with me under my nom de plume and take this new journey with me, the links are below. I will be using my Author Page more for this account. Please feel free to give it a like,


Exciting News for 2020

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