The Bookfest 2021

Join Lisa Morton, Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, Andy Ross, Katharine Sands, Lori H. Schwartz, Mark K. Shriver, Helene Wecker
And so many more at The BookFest® Fall 2021, October 23rd and 24th

The BookFest announces the schedule for the 4th biannual online bookish adventure with Panel Discussions, Conversations, Live Author Chats, and live interactive pitching and critique panels with literary professionals, writers and experts. 

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, PhD.

Mark K. Shriver

Lori H. Schwartz

Helene Wecker

Andy Ross

Useni Eugene Perkins
The Saturday, October 23rd, 2021, live stream programming is dedicated to readers. The programming includes:(All times listed in Pacific Time)
9:00am – Welcome Message
9:15am – Opening Keynote by Lori H. Schwartz, What’s Your Tech Story? Forget About Killer Robots, How Storytellers Can Embrace the Tech in Our Lives
9:45am – Poetry Reading by Debbie Monteggia
10:00am – A Conversation with Mark K. Shriver – Being an Author and Being of Service
11:00am – Kid Lit: Culture, Character and Creativity
Noon – Who Put the Bomp in Your Favorite Romance Novel?
1:00pm – Thrills, Chills and Red Herrings – Things that Make You Go “Ooo”
2:00pm – The Fantasist’s Forge and Mythologist’s Muse
3:00pm – A Conversation with Helene Wecker – Blending Fantasy, Mythology, Romance and Horror
4:00pm to 6:00pm – Live Author Chats Hosted by Scott Ryan and Anastasia Washington 
The Sunday, October 24, 2021, programming is geared toward writers. The programming includes:(All times listed in Pacific Time)
8:30am – Keynote by Kristie Anne Mah, From Sluggish to Published: Letting Go of What is Holding You Back
9:00am – A Conversation with Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein – Dreaming a World Where Everyone Experiences the Wonders of the Universe
10:00am – Books Out of Africa: Bookish World Tour Panel
11:00am – Alternative Ways to Publish: Hybrid, Self-Publishing and More
Noon – Do You Have the Write Stuff? A Frank Discussion about Being an Author Today
1:00pm – A Conversation with Lisa Morton: Thirty Years of Fear
2:00pm – Critiki-Bar: Page One Manuscript Critiques (An agent and an author walk into a bar…)
4:00pm – Brave New Writer at The BookFest Adventure
Plus, throughout The BookFest, there will be special segments, including:
BookTok Talk with Dani Lopez and Jessica MclennanCooking Up Something for the Season with Chef and Author David RuggerioHow to Organize Your Bookshelf with Nic NelsonHow to Write a Query Letter with Steven HutsonLittle Lion presents health, wellness, and mindfulness sessionsTodd Debreceni, author of Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen, creates a famous literary character with special effects makeupTell the Truth or Not with Dr. Raye Mitchell and Cindy BrownYour Book Proposal Dos and Don’ts with Paul Levine

Kristie Anne Mah

Dr. Edward Bynum

Kathleen Kaiser

Jim Azevedo

Lisa Morton

April Eberhardt
BookFest Fall 2021 features an array of authors and literary leaders, including: Elaine Ash; Jim Azevedo; William Bernhardt; Sharon Buchbinder; Whitney Davis; April Eberhardt; Dr. Edward Bynum; M.J. Fievre; Alexia Gordon; Dames Handsome; Deborah Herman; Laurel Anne Hill; Angela Shanté Johnson; David Konrad; CJ Ives Lopez; Susan Mac Nicol; Kristie Anne Mah; John Palisano; Useni Perkins; Al Pessin; Clyve Rose and many, many more.
Attendees can visit the Speakers Page on The BookFest website to see all the participants and to find out more about each.
See List of BookFest Programming
Enter the Pitching Room at The BookFest Adventure
A Brand New Platform for Writers Ready to Pitch Their Manuscripts
If you’re ready to pitch your fiction or non-fiction manuscript to agents and publishing decision-makers, then enter the Pitching Room at The BookFest Adventure. It is a database that matches authors with agents, like a dating app, but for manuscripts. Upload your pitch materials so agents and publishing decision-makers can check them out.
I Am Ready to Pitch My Manuscript
Plus, there are two special add-ons. You can add that you’d like to be considered for Brave New Writer and/or Critiki-Bar. These live interactive panels happen on Sunday Oct 24th (note the correct date and time) during The BookFest Fall 2021.
As members of The BookFest Community, you are offered special introductory pricing you may take advantage of right away.
Take the Stage at The BookFest with Brave New Writer
The BookFest introduces Brave New Writer. This interactive agent panel will feature select authors with outstanding pitches to take the virtual stage and pitch before a panel of agents.
It’s like Shark Tank, but for writers.
To be considered, add on Brave New Writer when you submit your pitch in the Pitching Room.
Sign Up for Manuscript Pitching
Brave New Writer is brought to you in part with our friends at Roadmap Authors. They will present a special pitching virtual training session for selected Brave New Writers prior to the live event.
Take a Seat at the Critiki-Bar at The BookFest Adventure

David L. RobbinsNew York Times bestselling author, creative writing professor, founder of James River Writers and The Mighty Pen Project, and co-founder of the Podium Foundation.
Katharine Sands, Literary agent representing fiction, non-fiction and memoir. Agent provocateur of Making the Perfect Pitch: How to Catch a Literary Agent’s Eye, a collection of pitching wisdom from leading literary agents.

Would you like your first page critiqued? Then add on to be considered for Critiki-Bar with David L. Robbins and Katharine Sands.
Critiki-Bar features a two-sided assessment from both the business and the craft side of writing — served with wit, insight, experience, and punch.
Have a seat while this highly regarded literary agent and a New York Times bestselling author discuss — and debate — aspects of creating a skillfully told story and navigating the professional side of publishing by dissecting that oh-so-important first page.
Do you want your first page to be considered for Critiki-Bar? Then add on Critiki-Bar when you submit your pitch in the pitching room.
Click to Sign Up for Manuscript Pitching
Not a writer, but you want to check out the action? Would you like to see the pitches? Find them in The BookFest Pitching Room. And join us for Brave New Writer and Critiki-Bar at The BookFest Adventure.
Visit The BookFest Pitching Room
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The BookFest is presented by Bookstagrammers and Books That Make You. It is produced by Black Château Enterprises.
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The Bookfest 2021

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