How to re-invent yourself in one (not so) easy step

I have some news to share with you all, and I’m hoping you’ll all join me on my next journey.

I know I’ve been absent a lot on social media as I figured things out, and as many of you will know, I told you all of my intention to stop writing a while ago. I’ve also not attended any signing events like the wonderful RARE one going on right now (even though I was in Edinburgh the week before for a personal visit, the timing sucked)

For some time now, I’ve been considering changing genres and writing stories which mean as much to me as my MM romance ones do. I feel it’s need for a change and after ten years, I finally decided to go back to writing something I started when I was sixteen. Yes, MANY, MANY moons ago 😊

I’ve always been an avid reader of fantasy (particularly urban), horror, and occult books. Edgar Allan Poe, Jim Butcher, K T Davies, Ben Aaronovich, Shayne Silvers, J C Owens, Steve McHugh, Orlando Sanchez, Joe Abercrombie, Kevin Hearne, …the list goes on. I read this genre more than I do any other, including the one I currently write in. My best male friend is a Shaman, a Druid, and a Wizard and I truly believe we were fated to meet. I’m a spiritual being, soaked in the mystique of the hidden world, yeaning for it all to be true (I mean, who wouldn’t want to ride a unicorn or fight a supernatural battle with a wizard like Harry Dresden?)

Saying all this, I’ve decided the time has come to change what I write and create another persona to finally finish what I started. If you remember, I gave this whole urban fantasy thing a whirl with my Double Alchemy series, about warlocks, witches, and hidden worlds. I had such fun writing this as it echoed a lot of my love for Wicca and the natural side of things. (Secret fact – I’m an actual tree hugger. I go out and hug my Silver Birch tree in the front garden when I need to relax.) The family think I’m crazy but my favourite part of nature is the trees. Forests, glades, rivers, lakes – I could die quite happily in their embrace and a log cabin right in that setting is my ideal home. As long as it has wi-fi. I’m not that much of a hermit 😊

And now I’ve rambled enough. For the new books, I’ll be Susan Mac Nicol writing as S M Nicol.


I’d love if you visit my new website (I did it all myself and I’m quite proud of it), maybe give a like to my Facebook page S M Nicol | Facebook which has been going a while and let me know if what I’m writing is anything you’d still be interested in. You can also subscribe to my newsletter.

I will never lose touch with any of you because I see me as being one writer in two different genres – and saying this, the first book, Glengáill, will be about two male wolf shifters. I can’t let go of my love for this MM genre that easily 😊 But there’ll be no on page sex, and if there’s any romance, it’ll be secondary to the story.

I hope you’re as excited about this new direction as I am, and that what I’m writing will still bring you pleasure. It’s going to take me some time to build up the S M Nicol author brand and I’ll take any help I can get.

Love you all madly and let me know your thoughts


How to re-invent yourself in one (not so) easy step

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