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2020 is over. Let’s look forward to 2021 with a HUGE giveaway from a myriad of great authors

Roll on 2021 with a HUGE Winter Wonderland Story Giveaway

Over 180 Gay Romance authors have come together to give you a post-holiday gift! Download brand new, exclusive stories from your favorite authors and new-to-you authors as well. Each story in this giveaway is a full, complete story that includes a gay romance (no samples, bonuses, or partial stories). Be sure to click each entry to learn more about the stories and download our free PROMO CHECKLIST to keep track of which ones you’ve downloaded and tried. We invite you to try new authors with this free promo. You never know if your new favorite author is just waiting to be discovered for free! Winter Wonderland Giveaway

Sue’s News and Views

It’s been an extremely difficult year for a lot of us, and I imagine we all hope that 2021 allows us to get back to our new version of normal. To everyone out there who has faced trauma and bad news, I’m glad you made it through to read this. I hope your future looks a little brighter and that the year ahead brings solace and happiness.From a personal perspective, my family and I have had our challenges but we’re looking forward to a new start in 2021, no matter what happens. To the wonderful readers who continue to read my books, thank you. I’m sorry I didn’t produce very much in 2020 but my muse simply wasn’t present. The ideas for new stories are fierce but the ability to write them kind of dissipated. 

However, I think 2021 will bring better creativity and I have some wonderful projects on the go which you can read about below.

Love to you all


There’s quite a bit to expect from me this year, so let’s get started

Coming soon in audio!  Talented author and narrator, David C Dawson, is my choice for this book. He’s got a voice like velvet, and his rich English tones will fit the characters in this book perfectly.There’s no release date as yet, but be sure to keep your eye on my social media and newsletter and I’ll announce it once we have a plan.This isn’t your usual romance story. It’s gritty and has bits that’ll make your butt clench in sympathy. However, of course there’s a happy ending (well for some of them anyway) and if you want a story that both sends chills down your spine and makes you feel all swoony and warm at the same time, this is the book for you.
It features a creepy serial killer, a loving couple with an established relationship, conflict galore and some dark humour. 

There’s a broody and troubled rock star coming your way…Edge is a 24 year old rock star. He’s a demi- god in the eyes of his adoring fans. He is loved, very much in the public eye,
is out and proud of it and is a role model for many. His music is a blend of pop and rock and his fans love it.But Edge, aka Jory Jasper Rockwell, is just an ordinary bloke from Manchester. He’s been lucky to get a few breaks and has evolved into the mythical creature he portrays- sexy, controversial, and tattooed, with a psyche that’s both confused and vulnerable.His home life is a mess, the man who thinks he owns him has him on a short leash and Edge doesn’t see any way out of his nightmare. Then along comes Damian Foyle and suddenly, Edge doesn’t feel so lost anymore.Perhaps, the hope of true love may be the last entry Jory needs to make in his treasured- and oh so private- journal.

And there’s more…Like supernatural stor  Enjoy a series filled with sass, conflict, sexual tension and a whole load of weird, international adventures? Read further…Coming March 2021Rubbing One OutBen Sinclair is just an ordinary man, trying to do an ordinary job at the zoo that he works in. He’s keeper for a bunch of smart assed penguins who seem to know him better than he knows himself. 
When Ben finds an old lamp in an antique shop that calls to him to buy it, he finds that sometimes the legends are true. One night, when he’s curiously inspecting his new and very unwanted purchase, he rubs his sleeve against the base to see what’s printed under the dirt. Imagine his total surprise when out of the lamp springs a genie, a slim, barefoot, dark haired, smart mouthed, sexy as hell genie with a distinct desire to stay in the lamp where his idea of heaven is the smorgasbord of beautiful, gay youths on tap. What could possibly go wrong?

Globetrotters – I’m developing a new series which takes place all over the world. First up is a story that takes place in a haunted castle in Romania. You’ll meet Clayx Black, host of a ht TV series called Code:Black and his long suffering assistant, Ethan St John as they globetrot across the world fixing places that need attention.There’s one problem. Wherever Calyx goes, he attracts weirdoes and trouble. Ethan never knows what to expect but he’s so busy putting out the fires Calyx causes that the simmering attraction between the two men needs to be ignored until there’s time to deal with it. Thing is, there never seems to be any time…

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Haunted Halloween Spooktacular

I’m taking part in this fabulous event 1 – 31st October hosted by Bewitching Book Tours. There’ll be giveaways, excerpts, flash fiction, and loads of books on offer. You can see all the blogs taking part below, and there’s also a Facebook party on the 21st you can join to participate in all the fun.

October 1 Ilovebooksandstuffblog

October 2 Pine Enshrined Reviews

October 5 Never Hollowed By The Stare

October 6 Other Worlds of Romance
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Paranormal Romances

October 7 Momma Says: To Read or Not to Read

October 8 The Book Junkie Reads    

October 9 T’s Stuff

October 12 Supernatural Central

October 13 Lisa’s World of Books

October 14 Bees and Books

October 14 A Bewitching Guide to Halloween

October 15 Sapphyria’s Books  

October 16 Celia Breslin

October 19 Midnight Musings with Bertena

October 20 Fang-tastic Books  

Bewitching Book Tours Haunted Halloween Spooktacular

October 21 Paranormalists

October 22 Roxanne’s Realm

October 23 The Creatively Green Write at Home Mom

October 26 Jazzy Book Reviews

October 27 I Smell Sheep

October 28 JB’s Bookworms with Brandy Mulder  

October 29 SImply Kelina  

October 30 Serena Synn

We’d all love to see you there!

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Join me on Patreon

I finally got around to creating a Patreon account. I’d love for you to take a look, see what you think? It’s a little unnerving, because I’ve never done anything like this before. This is my attempt to create a new platform on which to bring me, my readers, and my books together.

By offering first access to some exclusive content and features, I hope to do this. I’ve written 33 novels so far, with pleasing success. One of my books, Sight Unseen, I wrote into a screenplay and so far it’s won 7 industry awards. My other books have won various awards too, specifically Living On Air, which won a Bronze medal in the Readers Favorite International Book Awards. And it wouldn’t be this way without readers like you. So now’s the time for me to do something different.

I think I have much to offer my readers within Patreon. Early access to work in progress excerpts, deleted scenes, the ability to collaborate with my stories, early access to cover reveals and blurbs, the ability to read an ARC before anyone else, behind-the-scenes information and pictures and access to 4 -8 monthly posts specially for my patrons.

I’ve assigned Grand British puddings as my tiers. They all have a certain flavour when it comes to the content you’ll get as a Patron. Jam Roly Poly, Spotted Dick, Sherry Trifle, Knickerbocker Glory and a Cream Tea. Don’t they all sound delicious?

And my upper tier patrons also get this gorgeous canvas tote bag (terms and conditions apply) for their patronage at this level. Checkout my Patreon Page and let me know what you think.

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More fabulous giveaways! Pick up free copies to read in the sunshine…

One of the ways an author can both give back to readers and draw new readers in is by doing giveaways. I’m delighted to be participating in a couple at the moment.

Suit Yourself is being offered down at Prolific Works. You can read all about the sexy romance between a sassy young fashion diva and an ex porn star. Leslie and Oliver are here to please you 🙂

As well as this one, there’s another HUGE giveaway being run by Michelle A Bailey, where you can win books, swag and goodies simply by following author’s newsletters. Give it a look here and grab yourselves a chance to win.

I tend to do quite a few of these sort of events so stay tuned to my social media to catch them all as they happen.

Happy Reading!!


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Writers’ Tools – the one I find most useful

I thought today I’d give people an idea of the tools I use to keep track not only of my writing progress, but my workloads, my promo activities and my To Do tasks. I use a variety of applications, some paid, some free (although sadly there are less of the free ones for obvious reasons) and every one is worth the spend. I’m a fan of the old saying ‘Work Smarter, not Harder.’ Time is a precious commodity.


I’ve been late to the party with using this although I’ve had the application for a number of years now. It looked a little daunting to me. I’m using it now, and while I’m still a bit awkward with it, it’s doing what I need it to do. My biggest gripe about this though is that it’s not web based. It’s a local application and needs to be installed wherever you want to use it. It’s great for keeping things in one place, like snippets of future scenes, plot ideas and images. And the test snippets can be written stand alone and then used wherever you want them.

final draft

I used to use CELTX which was free, but when I started developing screen plays seriously, I needed something with a little more OOMPH. Final Draft works beautifully and it’s easy to navigate. It’s also used by my writing partners in the USA, so we get to be to collaborate easily.


This was a gem of a find. I’d been searching for years for something that gave me this sort of functionality. The designers have built ‘The One App to Replace Them All’ – Tasks, Docs, Goals, and Chat. It’s multi function, including Process Management and Team Collaborations, and they update it with new features every week. I was using Trello, but Clickup is so much better. I am loving it.


If you’re like me, performing a number of job roles and needing to manage multiple email addresses, this is your app. It’s easy to use, easy to add different accounts without all that messy having to know your domain, the server numner, user name, etc and all that techy stuff, and allows me to manage all my email accounts in one place. It also updates features regularly.


I was using Mailchimp for my newsletters until it got too expensive. I changed to Mailerlite, and while it took me a little while to get used to it, I am very happy I did. It offers much the same functionality as Mailchimp, is cheaper (for now) and lets me send out wonderful newsletters that are easy to construct.


One of the best and most diverse author promotion sites out there. New features constantly added, their team very ready to respond to questions and all in all, I find this site invaluable in making my teasers, scheduling tweets, advertising, creating quality book mock-ups and gifs and a host of other features. This is one of the teasers they made for me.


This takes a bit of time to learn, but it produces amazing book trailers and videos, and is a go to resource for me. I’ve made some wonderful book trailers using this application.


This app allows me to create a goal driven entry for my Work in Progress (WIP) and map my progress, change it as circumstances change and have a method of seeing how productive I am (or aren’t). It’s my work productivity bible and without it, I’d be stuck.


A great source of free book mock ups and cover templates, along with a host of other features. Along with this is the Author Academy. For a fee, you can explore and use loads of material and advice related to the publishing world. Author Lab is brilliant too but a little expensive. I was lucky enough to get it when it was only $40, on a special offer. It gives me more time to do what I should be doing – writing.


I cannot tell you how much this app helps me when it comes to keeping track of my expenses, royalty statements and income. It’s another invaluable one. You create a specific tax year report, or expenses/income folder, email your receipts into the relevant one from your email account, and voila! It creates a report that can be downloaded as Excel or CSV, without you having to do any work. My accountant loves it – he has access to my account and all I do is let him know it’s all there and completed and he uses it to file my returns. If he wants to print something, he can, otherwise it’s all available for audit online.

So there you have it. I hope this proves useful to you, I know they certainly make my life easier. And you’ll end up having more of what’s below to spoil yourself rotten…Me Time.

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Keeping you reading in these uncertain times

Here are all the ways you can get a bargain right now to read one of my books 🙂

Smashwords have a special sale going on with highly discounted books on sale, mine included of course 🙂 It’s time to read and enjoy it without feeling guilty 🙂 So why not pop down and find yourselves some great books.
#authorsgiveback #Smashwords

Are you ready for another fabulous giveaway? My book Suit Yourself featuring a quirky, sassy diva called Leslie and a reclusive porn star called Nicky Starr is a free download. If you haven’t read this book, now is your chance. This book is #4 in my Men of London series. So far it seems to be the most downloaded book of the lot!
#giveaway #authorfeature #prolificworks

On the 29th March, Love You Senseless will be on offer for 0.99 via a BookBub promotion.

I’ll also be participating in a BookFunnel deal with Doubting Hearts on KU and a BookFunnel giveaway. This promotion starts on April 01 and runs through April 14.

Keep your eyes peeled on my Facebook pages as I’ll be posting updated links as soon as I have them for the last two promotions.

Please stay safe wherever you are and know that we’re all in this together. And we’ll get through it with a little patience – and a LOT of reading



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It’s here! A funny, entertaining read to counter the GINsanities of life.


#Ginvincibleforceofnature #letthefunbeGin #newrelease


Meet Birdy and Jaydon. A rather mismatched pair, but with Valentine’s Day around the corner, who knows what can happen?

When Birdy’s peacock attacked his bank’s Relationship Manager, his business problems took a turn for the worst, until they sent Jaydon Tyrell, and then everything started to add up just fine.


Imaginative, creative, brilliant are some of the accolades Bradley “Birdy” Dobbs enjoys as the creator of top-of-the-line designer gin. Flighty, crazy, and irresponsible are also monikers used to describe him, mostly by the parade of Relationship Managers – read: death and doomsday business wazzocks – the bank sends over to Birdy’s company, Ori-Gin. When the latest number cruncher shows up with propositions Birdy can live with – and some he’s aching to try – Jaydon Tyrell becomes the most important member of Birdy’s flock.






To celebrate, there’s a quirky giveaway to win gin teabags and a quirky notebook

In celebration of my new release, Gin me Over, I’m offering my newsletter subscribers the first chance to take part in a specially themed giveaway. All you have to do is confirm your email address, then follow me on Twitter, Facebook, BookBub or Amazon in order to get more chances to win. I’ll announce the winner on the 15th February and the items will be shipped to you wherever you reside.

You can join the KingSumo giveaway HERE and below are details of the prizes to be won


Botanical teabags

Charbrew’s Gin Infusion Set Contains 6 Individual Infusions Containing A Natural Mixture Of Herbs, Flowers And Spices In Pyramid Shaped Pouches To Infuse With Gin & Tonic For The Perfect Glass.

The Perfect Gift For the Gin Lover, Delivered In Mesh Tea Pyramids

Set Includes- Royal Red, Orange Tuxedo, Irish Sunrise, Blossom Of Rose, The Lemon Zinger. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans, Gluten Free And Low In Calories



19 high quality bright white pages with lines (27 lines per page)

Full size duo sided blank sheets

Sturdy and matte full color softbound cover


Good luck to everyone and please drop me a line to let me know whether you enjoyed Birdy and Jaydon’s story. I’d love to hear from you.