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On The Boil

I haven’t blogged for a while so I thought it was time to let you all know what’s going on in my writing life right now.


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The story of my life in 5 short hashtags actually. But it’s okay, I love the pressure. I have a lot going on in my writing life at present, which is defined as anything that’s come about through my writing of sexy books. I’m still bowled over by what my life is like now, compared to what is was before 2012, which is when I started writing ‘professionally’. So much has happened and it’s a little dream- like.

I’ve got one book in edits at the moment with my publisher. This story is titled Sight Unseen and it’s a collaboration effort with well-known LA actor Nicholas Downs. He had the original story idea and a screenplay, and I developed it into a novel. The release date for this one is 29 November.  If you fancy participating in the 3-day release blitz click here

The most exciting fact about this book is that it’s been specially written with the idea of turning it into a screen-play in 2017 to get the story to film. Nicholas and I will be writing this together and I’m thrilled with the idea.

You can check out our progress on our Facebook page or on Twitter @SightUnseenPR. Follow us on Instagram @sightunseenla


Next, I’m working on the ninth Men of London book. It’s called Survival Game and features Kyle Tripper, the quirky Club Delish nightclub manager and ex Las Vegas casino dealer and Eric Kirby, a London paramedic with his own demons. I’m thrilled that I’m being guided by a real life London paramedic as part of my book research. He’s been awesome in telling me everything I need to know and I may even get to go on an observation shift with him to see first-hand how things are done. I’ve been in an ambulance as a patient before so it would be nice simply to be an observer. I’ll keep you posted on that one. I don’t have a release date for this one at the moment.

I’m also trying to finish Living on Air, my rather emotional and dark story set in a circus and featuring a very tormented aerialist. I intend self-publishing this one although another publishing house is interested in it. They can offer me access into book stores so it’s something to think about. Once it’s written, I’ll take stock of the options.

I’ve also written around 40k on a YA/NA fantasy book (I haven’t quite decided exactly which one yet), with two fine questing, coming of age heroes, imaginary worlds, wizards, talking doors, magical fish, and a very nasty villainess who does gross things. I started writing this when I was seventeen and kept it going over the years but never finished it. I really want to though. Perhaps with a fellow writing collaborator? Who knows.


I have so many plot bunnies on the boil, I’m not sure I’ll manage to do them all. I’d love to write a gritty thriller series featuring Clay and Tate from Feat of Clay. I have an idea for a steam punk, Gothic horror type romance based on a very well know classic horror story. I have another series idea featuring hotels around the world and a lot of intrigue and deception. I’ve also got a rock star book in mind, one with a difference. I just need to be cloned so I can write them all.

As part of my writing, I’ve met some incredible people and got involved with some very worthwhile causes. One of them is me being a charity trustee for the Being Me Campaign –

If you’d like to upload a video for us on what makes you, you, please follow this link for the easy instructions

I think that’s it for now, no doubt the list will grow and I’ll end up needing to run off somewhere, breathe and focus. For now though, I’m trundling along hoping that it all comes to fruition….




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Attention all LGBTQ authors out there….


It sickens me that a pizza place that discriminates against gay couples can actually have money raised for it the way it has. Really ? I understand people have choices but when it comes to actively discriminating against a certain part of the human race, I have a teensy bit of an issue, right or wrong. Call me human. That’s probably not very PC but then that’s something I – am – not

smiley face

Anyway some of us have decided to fight back and join fellow authors in trying to reverse the trend.This is something that’s happening at the moment….via Kate Aaron and others. There’s no pressure but I thought I’d bring it to every LGBTQ authors attention as in this they do have a choice – to participate or not, completely as they wish.

Beep Beep-message begins

In the wake of the passing of the Indiana Religious Freedom and Restoration Act, a fundraiser set up to support a family who think it’s their “right” to refuse service to LGBT customers has raised almost $1 million.
Unfortunately, a pro-LGBT counter-fundraiser hasn’t got nearly the same traction. It’s one thing to tweet our outrage, or share a link on Facebook to an article. It’s another matter entirely to put our money where our mouths are.
Some of us are gathering up all the authors we know who write about love in whatever form it takes to take a stand as a collective community. Together we can reach hundreds if not thousands of readers, and we’d like to offer them the chance to win an ebook if they donate $5 to a deserving LGBT charity or share charity links across their social networks.

can you help


Can you spare a copy of an ebook (reader’s choice works best, but we know some authors have publisher restrictions) for a worthy winner as incentive for them to donate? We need to hear back by Saturday, April 11th, for a blog post going up on 18th April at

announcing the giveaway and the reason behind the fundraiser.
The day of the post, all we ask is that you share the link on your various social media to alert your fans of the opportunity, and when the deadline for the giveaway passes, we’ll email you the name of your winner and their email so you can contact them about their prize. It’s easy, hosted in one place for readers to follow and enter, and will show that we mean business.


LGBT people aren’t going anywhere, and our allies have loud voices. Let’s use them.

Beep Beep- message ends.

Diverse Reader

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The Importance of Being Positive (apologies to Oscar Wilde)

I think we all know that sometimes life can get crappy. No matter who we are, where we are or what we’re doing, there comes a time when sometimes all you want to do is hibernate like a bear, close the entrance to the cave, and hope that when we wake up things will be better.


I have always considered myself a glass half full kind of gal. In fact, I’ve been considered this to such an extent by friends and family that sometimes I have to watch my back so someone doesn’t slap me silly while they are angsty and I am trying to get them to see the light at the end of the tunnel which is NOT a train. I am known for always seeing the bright side, for finding the silver lining in the cloud yada yada yada. Cliches and platitudes abound on this subject.

But even positive thinkers need a little boost now and then. I’ve been going some tough times which have made me question my original outlook and wonder if I’ve been a fool all those years before. Wondering if in fact the people who tell me, ‘I always look on the negative side because then I won’t be disappointed and hurt’ were actually correct. For me to question this is like Luke Skywalker questioning whether he has a thing for Han Solo. Oh sorry, you all say he didn’t? Well, you can think what you like on that one 😉


Sometimes it takes life’s adversities to start over again. In 2000 my family -husband and two young children- left South Africa for England to try and make a better life away from the violence. We landed on the UK shores with six boxes full of clothes and some personal stuff, £3000, no jobs, no plan but we had a place to stay with a friend. Now we are settled, although life is taking a bit of a bad turn, but we are still together, still enjoying the UK, and my kids have had opportunities that they would never have had in SA. Like my daughter just getting her First in her BA Drama and Film Studies at Kingston University. I’m so proud of her, and she works hard and deserves it. This is something she’d never have done had we remained in Johannesburg. So the light at the end of the tunnel that isn’t a train works its magic. And then had I not come over to the UK, I’ve never have heard of Benedict Cumberbatch, never been inspired to write a book with a character inspired by him, never submitted it to a publisher and never would have been published. My childhood of dream of becoming a published writer was fulfilled. I’ve seen some beautiful countries and had a chance to travel.

Cliffs of Moher-Ireland
Cliffs of Moher-Ireland
Romanian Castle
Romanian Castle

Life has a way of making lemonade from the lemons even if perhaps we don’t see it right away. I’ve had to take a step back and try and find the good in the world around me, the benefits in the life I have which may have gone a little haywire but still has all the important bits. And if all fails, I can start again like I did when we first got to the UK. It’s hard, it’s sad, it’s difficult to bear sometimes but it’s life. So on reflection, I think I’m still that gal looking at the world in a half full way, even though it’s sometimes challenged. I have wonderful online friends who support me, I have my writing still to make the best of a dark day, even when I don’t sometimes feel like doing it, and I have my family around me, telling me it will all get better.

I don’t know about you but I’m grateful for all these special mercies and when I start bitching about my lot, and being a pain in the arse to anyone listening, pinch me hard, remind what I DO have to be lucky for and tell me to get a move on forwards instead of backwards. That’s the only way to go.