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12 Days of Giveaways Event

 I’m taking part in this wonderful Christmas event. There’s a little something to read, my post about this festive season, plus a giveaway and a special hot bonus scene I wrote a while ago for Saving Alexander.

So – what’s your idea Christmas gift? I confess I was looking through a list of the most wanted gift ideas and I was a little taken aback. It’s everything from expensive tequila, to virtual reality glasses, a lot of techno geek gifts like Google Home and even a WonderWoof activity monitor for your pet. I must confess I’m a tech-geek myself so anything like this would do for me.

Of course, all I really want for Christmas are some Amazon Gift vouchers. I ask my family every year for these because I buy a lot of books there, and other bits and bobs as well. Yet every year, I get something else. The family don’t think the provision of gift vouchers is a ‘proper’ gift even it’s what I want. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. This year I got a gorgeous Bluetooth radio for my car so I can play my Google and Amazon music library through my speakers. I love my music so this was a combined Christmas and Birthday present (the 28th December) from my lovely husband.

But why ask me what I want and then when I tell you, you buy something else? Sigh. Either way I’m grateful for what I get, even if it means I then spend my own money on buying books the One-Click way, because I simply can’t resist a good story. Yep, we all have the same problem no doubt. One-Click-Aholics indeed.

Hope you get what you want for Christmas and enjoy a fun filled seasonal time with the ones you love.

You can see the full report of the ‘must have’ gifts at the link below

Leave a comment on this post, follow my blog and you’ll be in line to win a book charm, and a set of three e-books of your choice. I’ll ship the charm internationally, so don’t worry.

And here you can read the sizzling hot bonus scene for Saving Alexander



Susan Mac Nicol is a self-confessed bookaholic, an avid watcher of videos of sexy pole dancing men, self-confessed geek and nerd and in love with her Smartphone. This little treasure is called ‘the boyfriend’ by her long suffering husband, who says if it vibrated, there’d be no need for him. Susan hasn’t had the heart to tell him there’s an app for that…

She is never happier than when sitting in the confines of her living room/study/on a cold station platform scribbling down words and making two men fall in love. She is a romantic at heart and believes that everything happens (for the most part) for a reason. She likes to think of herself as a ‘half full’ kinda gal, although sometimes that philosophy is sorely tested.

In an ideal world, Susan Mac Nicol would be Queen of England and banish all the bad people to the Never-Never Lands of Wherever -Who Cares. As that’s never going to happen, she contents herself with writing her HEA stories and pretending, that just for a little while, good things happen to good people.

Sue is also a PAN member of the Romance Writers of America and a member of their Rainbow chapter as well as a member of the Romantic Novelists Association in the UK.


And why not keep following the blog tour for other great giveaways……





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What Christmas Means to Me Blog Hop


I’m taking part in the Christmas Blog Hop 2016 hosted by Divine Promotions & RAM PA Group

We were asked to write a bit about what Christmas means to us. And share a favourite recipe but as you all probably know, I don’t cook much so don’t have one…

To be honest, in the words of Natalie Imbruglia, I’m a little torn. There’s good and bad aspects and I’m going to tackle them both. Because I’m nothing if not a realist. I love the vibe and hype of the season, shopping for presents for people and seeing all those sparkly lights. I’m not religious so Christmas for me has never been about Jesus or anything remotely biblical. Especially as Jesus wasn’t born in December. But I digress.

Christmas for me is the shiny season. It’s the vibrancy of coloured lights and tinsel. It’s the silky sheen of wrapping paper and the twinkle of baubles on the tree, the smell of spruce, and orange chocolate, and mulled wine. It’s a sensual time when everything meshes together into a festive package of scents and sights that stirs the senses and brings families and friends together.


It’s a time for kindness, when soup kitchens are manned by volunteers willing to give up their time to contribute to making someone’s else life a little bit happier for a while. It’s a time for smiling when kids open their gifts to see the thing they’ve always wanted right in front of them. It’s also the time you can get your own back on grumpy Aunt Mabel, who insists on giving you socks each year. The dildo you bought for her will go down a treat. She may even find a unique use for it, ‘stirring’ the Yorkshire pudding mix perhaps. *sniggers*


It’s also the time of a high suicide rate, a plethora of homeless people on the streets, watching with jaundiced eyes as those more fortunate than them strolled past in laughter and merry cheer, while carting presents that would probably have bought a week’s shelter and food for one of these street people. The time for TV adverts of misty eyed children with sad faces, as charities lamented over the fact that for some children, there was no such thing as Christmas. This season is a time of extremes-—one parent buying their kid a Ferrari or a football team, another just managing to scrape together enough money to buy their child a football or a toy truck; of one-upping the Joneses, of making sure things are bigger and better than the other person’s offerings; of corporate companies growing rich and rubbing their hands in glee like Scrooge at the clinking of the money in the coffers. It’s time people abandon their pets because they have better things to do with the money and their time.


So, like a piece of tinfoil, there’s a dull and shiny side to the season. It’s a pity we can’t find it within ourselves to bring the season of goodwill to all men to people the whole year around instead of just a few short-lived days. That as a species we can’t simply adopt an attitude of love and acceptance to all mankind as we work together to keep this world of ours from spiralling into decay.

Yes, this might depress you, and as blog posts go about Christmas, it’s not all glitter and glamour and I’m not going to apologise for that. Putting on the rose-coloured glasses and ensuring that your own Christmas bubble is untainted with the bad things of Christmas is not cool. In the true spirit of giving, buy a homeless person a cup of coffee. Drag out those old blankets you have in the cupboard, give them a wash and let the people suffering the cold have them. Donate to a deserving charity, like one that teaches people about respecting diversity. Show a starving pet some kindness. You don’t have to give much – just a little. It would mean the world to someone like this.


It’s about making a difference to someone else, or something and that, to me, is the true essence of Christmas.

You can come out from under the blankets now. I’m finished with my sermon and the soapbox has been tucked back into the cupboard.

Merry Christmas everyone and may it bring everything you deserve.

Here’s a chance to win a little something for Christmas too.  There’s  a RAFFLECOPTER  and a Grand Prize.




3D fun face Charms Bracelet

18 K Gold Filled Crystal Pearls Heart Party Dress Jewelry Set

$10 Amazon Gift Card from RAM PA Group

5 Days Promo Tour from Divine Promotions

Dreamspinner Press Vouchers

$5 gift voucher from Pride Publishing

Ebook of your choice from Author Grein Murray

Swag donated by Author Grein Murray (only available to those living in the USA)

Ebook of your choice from Author Sean Kerr (from his series Dead Camp)

Ebook – The Hard Boys: Alien Abduction (Case #1) from Ian Cadena

$15 gift voucher from Susan Mac Nicol

Below you’ll find all the blogs taking part 


 🎅🏻 Alpha Book Club –

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Divine Magazine Summer Blog Hop 2016



In celebration of Divine’s new author service, Divine Promotions,  I’m participating in their Summer Blog Hop.

I don’t cook much, so giving out my favourite Summer recipe is a no-no. Instead I’ll tell you a bit about my best memories of Summer.

I lived in South Africa for over thirty years. So, summer there was celebrated exactly how you’d think it would be – swimming, having what we called ‘braais’, and others call a BBQ, tanning on our towels, stretched out on grass or sun loungers, running around drying off in the dry heat of day and basking in the sunshine. It was cold beers by our pool, crisp gin and tonics at sundown, the insistent and annoying whine of mosquitos at dusk and during the warm nights, sweating under the loose covers and wishing there was a breeze to make things just that little bit cooler. It was the cold, refreshing shower you took when you went inside then had an afternoon nap because it was so hot. It was the late afternoon thunderstorm, like clockwork around 3 pm, when you sat on your ‘stoep’ or patio, and watched the clouds build into dark grey masses of angry. A thunderstorm in SA is a magnificent thing to see. They are fierce, unapologetic, magnificent in their majesty and you are left in awe of their power. Car alarms would sound down the block when the thunder hit, the house alarm would go off, the dogs would howl and it would be a cacophony of fierceness. Then as suddenly as it hit, it was over. The clouds dissipated, the sun shone again, the garden smelt of scents released by the rain and the wind and we all jumped back in the pool without a care in the world. Towels that were left out in the rain, and were sodden, are quickly dried by the dry heat of the African sun.

Picture courtesy of my husband when he visited a few years ago
Picture courtesy of my husband when he visited a few years ago

The summers in SA are different to the ones I experience here in the UK. Summer here is softer, more genteel. More refined. The temperature is pleasantly warm, not hot and dry. Summer in England is the buzz of bees around country gardens. It’s the chirrup of birds in trees and the chattering of squirrels. It’s the soft pitter-patter of raindrops against leaded panes, the steady swish of the rain as it falls in sheets. It’s the rushing around bringing everything in before the rain hits, because the temperature drops and one can’t count now on the scorching African sun to dry everything out within minutes.



Where summer in Africa is a fierce warrior, full of extremes, summer in England is a genteel country gentleman, full of nuance. I love the differences, I’ve been fortunate to experience them both. I like them equally, not having a favourite. Both have their own charms and quirks. A little like me.

To take part in the giveaway, go to the blog hop page here and leave a comment (Share your best summer memory, or your favorite summer tips or activities)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hooray – Grand Prize Giveaway

18K Gold Filled Crystal Pearls Heart Party Dress Jewelry Set 

Divine Promotions – 10 Days Promo Tour

Divine Promotions – 3 Day Release Blitz

$75 credit from Dreamspinner Press

$30 credit from Dreamspinner Press

Click here to view all the participants taking part in the blog hop!


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Divine Magazine Christmas Blog Hop

Short but sweet….I’m taking part in the Divine 12 Days of Christmas soon with these other wonderful authors. We’re going to tell you a little something about Christmas as we know it. Ring in the Festive Season with words of wisdom, tra la la….

Christmas Blog Hop

I hope you pop down and see us between 8th and 19th December when we’ll have a multitude of giveaways, guest posts, fun and getting ready to celebrate the big fat guy with the button nose and white beard making an appearance.

In the true spirit of Christmas, I leave you with this. I used to have a really good friend called John who I adored. He unfortunately turned out to be not so adorable for reasons I won’t go into now. Suffice it to say, when we had good times, we used to write horrible things to each other in the spirit of fun. This was one of those fond memories from the year 2000. Yes, a very long time ago indeed.  I wrote him a letter, he replied. I hope you get a chuckle out of it.


My letter to Santa aka friend John

Dear Santa

Christmas, to me, is a time for giving, so I have put together a special list of things that I would like you to give me for Christmas.

  1. A 6 foot real Christmas tree complete with decorations and tree angel in your living room upon my arrival.
  2. Snow, snow and more snow. However, it must be kept white and clean and not turn to ugly grey sludge until I wish it away after Christmas.
  3. Plenty of cheerfully wrapped presents chosen especially for me by you, and catering to my rather indulgent needs. I leave this to your imagination.
  4. The best bedroom in the house, complete with fire place and down duvet. A fridge well stocked with goodies would be a optional extra but not absolutely necessary.
  5. A fox fur coat to keep me warm on those cold winter nights.
  6. A squirrel fur hat  to keep my cute little ears warm.
  7. A group of specially chosen  Carol Singers, all of the male variety, chosen for their obvious physical attributes and willing to wear very little in the cold night air as they serenade me outside your front door.
  8. A couple of spare reindeers, complete with sleigh, to take me on a  ride over the snow covered fields, whilst I sip hot mulled wine and cuddle up against one of those carol singers (or two – I am not limiting you in any way. Feel free to improvise!)

I do hope, Santa,  that this is not asking too much and if it is, well, I am sure that you will go out of your way to make me feel welcome. If you feel the need to substitute one item for another, I am sure (again) that you will not stray too much from my original request.

I hope you and Mrs. Santa have a lovely Christmas working your fingers to the bone for those people like me, and that you don’t forget a single item I have asked for, because, you know, I know where you live………….

Yours in Christmas spirit



John’s reply to me…

Dear Sue

Christmas, to me, has always been a time for giving, however, I would find it difficult in meeting every item exactly as you have requested. It is not usual for me to reply to Santa letters but I felt it prudent to reply to yours. I refer to your list in the same order as requested:

  1. A 6 foot real plastic Christmas tree complete with meagre decorations in your living room upon your arrival. Sorry, we’re out of angels already for this Christmas – only got 729483956 left.
  2. Snow, snow and more snow. A strong possibility and as long as you stay inside it won’t turn to ugly grey sludge.
  3. Plenty of cheerfully wrapped empty boxes especially chosen for you to mirror your imagination.
  4. The best bedroom in the house with a well stocked fridge (we will put in a 6”, 9” and 12” for your devilish kinky indulgencies). Sorry, the fire-place is out – you will be in a smoke free zone.
  5. No fox fur coats this year. There has been too much negative media coverage of The Hunt in recent months.
  6. Sorry no squirrels, the little buggers are too quick for me…I’m not as young as I used to be.
  7. I put a copy of your photo on the internet (supplied to me by one, Sir John himself I’ll have you know) and managed to get a group of specially chosen  Carol Singers, all of the male variety, as requested. I had to agree to let them sing in drag this year though.
  8. A couple of spare old dears, complete with most teeth/dentures, to take you on a  ride wherever their breathe would hold out. I agree, you probably will have to get totally pissed on hot mulled wine before you would cuddle up against either the old geezers or the transvestites. Thank you for allowing me to improvise as this was difficult to arrange once I mentioned for whom it was for.

Of course it wasn’t asking too much, you selfish, poor excuse for an intelligent species. With regards to the straying, feel free to take a long walk off a short plank. Mrs. Claus (not Mrs Santa, that’s my first name you dumb blonde) and I will have a lovely Christmas knowing that if you take the walk as suggested this will be our last Christmas plagued by someone such like yourself.

Yours in Christmas spirit


  1. I don’t give a shit if you know where I live, I’ll set Mrs Claus on you if you manage to get past my polar bear pets.


Christmas Blog Hop



See you at the Divine Blog Hop….


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MM Memorial Day Scavenger Hunt

Army Banner 2 Update


Welcome to the first annual MM Memorial Day Scavenger Hunt! 10 Days, 30 Blogs, and loads of prizes! The rules are simple: At each stop on the tour you’ll find a military themed picture with a word or words. Collect the words and figure out the secret phrase (HINT: It’s lyrics to a song). Once you think you have the correct phrase, enter it into the Rafflecopter at any of the stops.

One grand prize winner will be selected from all the correct phrases. Use the other Rafflecopter options to enter to win one of the runner-up packages.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

Our stop’s phrase is: Easy

scavenger hunt


Grand Prize ($45 GC total)
-Kindle Paperwhite (VWF)
-Swag (VWF)
-$25 GC (Jessie G)
-$20 GC (Sara York)
-2 ebooks (Jessie G & BFD)
-Bad Boyfriends series ebooks & print (3 books) from Nya Rawlins

1st Place ($35 GC total)
-$25 GC (Nya Rawlins)
-$10 GC (Sloan Johnson)
-CTR & backlist ebooks from Kade Boehme
-Unicorns & Hidden Gem ebooks from Lissa Kasey
-Winner’s ebook of choice from MMGoodbookreviews
-Adventures of Cole & Perry ebook from Amanda C. Stone

2nd Place ($30 GC total)
-$20 GC (Aria Grace)
-$10 ARE GC (Prism Book Alliance)
-Love at First Site ebook from Cardeno C.
-Trouble Comes in Threes ebook from M.A. Church
-Winner’s choice of Felice Stevens ebook

3rd Place ($20 GC total)
-$10 Amazon GC (READing is FUN Da Mental)
-$10 GC (Two Chicks Obsessed with Books and Eye Candy)
-backlist ebook from Annabeth Albert
-Winner’s choice of Aria Grace ebook
-Winner’s choice of Andrew Grey ebook

4th Place ($20 GC total)
-$10 GC (Felice Stevens)
-$10 Amazon GC (Amy Lane)
-Undercover Love series ebooks (2 books) from Brendan Cothern
-Winner’s choice of Susan MacNicol ebook
-Winner’s choice of Lexi Ander ebook

5th Place ($20 GC total)
-$10 Amazon GC (BFD)
-$10 GC (Lexi Ander)
-Winner’s choice of Kindle Alexander ebook
-Winner’s choice of Susan MacNicol ebook
-Winner’s choice of backlist ebook from Cate Ashwood


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Participating Blogs/Authors:

May 25

BFD Book Blog

Cardeno C.

Kade Boehme

May 26

Prism Book Alliance

Cate Ashwood

Reading is FunN’mental

May 27

Lissa Kasey

Hearts On Fire Reviews

Nya Rawlyns

May 28

Carly’s Book Reviews

Jessie G. Books

Two Chicks Obsessed with Books and Eye Candy

May 29

Annabeth Albert

MM Good Books Reviews

M.A. Church

May 30

Amanda C. Stone

Amy Lane

Aria Grace

May 31

Kindle Alexander

Sara York

Taylor Brooks

June 1

Andrew Grey

Divine Magazine

Brenda Cothern

June 2

Kai Tyler

3 Chicks After Dark

Sloan Johnson

June 3

Felice Stevens

Lexi Ander

Vampires, Werewolves & Fairies Oh My!


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Sex Positivity Blog Hop 9 November – 22 November

spbhbanner (3)


This is what Grace had to say on this subject and I completely agree with her…

There is so much negativity surrounding sex. It’s used to sell everything from ice cream to cars and everything in between, but when it comes to discussing it, that’s a huge taboo. And yet, if it’s mentioned in a positive light, that it’s okay to like sex, that you want to have a lot of it (with or without multiple partners), it suddenly becomes the worst thing in the world. This hop is intended to counter that. Whether you write fiction and want to discuss how it works in your writing or if you are a blogger who reads about it. Maybe you’re just a person who’s been on the bad side of slut or kink shaming. Or you’ve been targeted because you like/watch/read/participate in porn. Whatever the case, this hop is meant to help give voice to these things, the problems they cause and what we might want to see different.

The topic for this blog hop is sex positive. Now, there are all sorts of definitions out there as to what this means but I’m going to go with my own. It simply means that sex and having sex should be a positive experience and it should enjoyable. I don’t think it’s any more sinister than this.

Sex Positive

To me these are the attributes of having a sex positive lifestyle for anyone –

Know what you want. Whether it’s a man, a woman, and whether you are a man or a woman, you have the right to determine who you want to have sex with or make love with, for yourself, regardless of gender. No one can tell you otherwise. While it might be difficult, it is your choice. Of course sometimes society will tell you otherwise. Family might tell you otherwise. Hell, complete bloody strangers may tell you otherwise! And I would never downplay the prejudice and bigotry that people who want to be different to the norm face every single day. It’s not easy. You have to believe though  in yourself, that you are not tainted, a freak or any other label people might throw your way. You are who you are.

Having sex is healthy but only if you want to. Not having sex is also good for you if that’s the way you feel. Don’t feel pressured into being sexual with anyone until you’re ready. You deserve to be able to decide when this happens.

Sex is not always the way you see in the movies or in porn films, or read about in books. Sex can be disappointing, painful and unfulfilling in the wrong circumstances, or with the wrong person. Even with the right person, it isn’t always ecstatic sex faces and mind blowing orgasms. Don’t believe that every woman gets an orgasm from penetration, that every gay man can give a blow job, that in every relationship there is a top and a bottom. Don’t believe that you should have a six pack, be a size 38DD bra size, or have a dick like an elephant. Sex is what you as a couple, or a threesome, or even a foursome, want it to be without it being idealised and compared to what you might see portrayed in the idealistic world of romance novels and television. If it feels good and you both, or all, enjoy it, that’s what counts. Don’t expect to be perfect.

body beautiful

The things which are definitely not sex positive. I wouldn’t ever condone sex with animals or dead bodies or under age children or a myriad of other illegal and unethical and immoral practices. We have laws in place for a good reason to ensure the protection of others, even if it is a chicken. Having said that….

Consensual = sex positive. Kinks, BDSM, water sports, puppy play, fetishes of all types – whatever you and your consenting other/s want to do- as long as you’re all in agreement, anything could be possible. Keep it safe, consensual and of course, fun. Judging others on how they conduct their lives and in particular, their sex lives and who they have sex with, is what gets this old world of ours into trouble every day.

In short, be comfortable with who you are, respect the people you’re in a relationship with, don’t believe you have to meet the expectations of how sex and love making is portrayed in the media of books and film and above all – have fun, enjoy yourself and let your bodies, and your emotions, do all the talking. Life is too short for regrets and we only have one of them. Life I mean- we’re all realistic enough to know we’ll have more than a few regrets.

To check out what the other bloggers have to say, follow the link below

Blogger Sites

spbhbadge (2)















To celebrate this blog hop, I’m giving away an e-book copies to two lucky participants –  one of my M/M books – Stripped Bare, Saving Alexander,  Worth Keeping, Double Alchemy, Double Alchemy-Climax, Waiting for Rain, Love and Punishment or Love You Senseless. Two lucky winners, drawn at random, will win their choice of a book.

You only have to leave a comment with your choice of villain to enter this giveaway. If you wanted to follow me around on my travels and book writing endeavours, then my links are below. It’s entirely up to you 🙂

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And most of all – thanks for stopping by, participating and making contact. I really appreciate you all taking the time to pop in.

Oh and you might like to check out my Man Candy section on the right. I’m sure you’ll find something there to take your fancy 🙂






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Book Villains – as they prepare to be wicked….


Welcome to the Spooktacular Blog Hop event from 31st October to 2nd November 2014

You can check out the main event here :

Villains and Darkness

As it’s Halloween and the scary things tend to come out of the closets and attack at night, I thought I’d write a little something about the villains featured in my books.

I’ve featured homophobic arseholes like Walter Debussy and Roy Parsons in ‘Stripped Bare’. They give poor Shane Templar a very hard time and not in the way he likes. Shane ends up in a coma in hospital thanks to Roy and his basebell bat. In ‘Saving Alexander’ we have flame haired Eric Rossi, who starts out as an alright guy, then becomes a little too possessive of Alexander Montgomery and causes him a lot of pain -physical and emotional. Eric literally wields that whip with a little too much personal pleasure and Alex suffers with pain far more than he envisaged. Especially when he has to tell the man he loves to leave him from fear he will be hurt too.

In Worth Keeping, tormented Nick Mathers has to cope with a stalkerish ex-boyfriend, Brad, coming after him and his lover, Owen, at the lighthouse he lives in. Luckily they manage to turn the tables and Owen is pretty handy with a paperweight, but not until Nick has been reminded of his horrific past as threats of physical and sexual harm come back to torment him.

And then of course there is Blair Malcolme in Love and Punishment, probably the most charming and dangerous of them all. Seemingly normal and an attentive boyfriend to Marshall, he is nothing more than a psychopathic killer who uses and abuses people before he slits their throats. What he does to the man he supposedly cares for, Marshall, is sick and twisted and I’ve been told many people wince and clench their bum cheeks together when reading this scene. Sorry, all 🙂

I love the introduction of a villain, the person we love to hate as we cheer the lead men on to defeat them and help the villains get their come-uppance. It’s a great ending to a story when those who cause suffering and harm are dispatched in whatever way the author deems fair.

So tell me – who is YOUR favourite villain? Leave a comment below letting me know and I’ll choose two random winners for the giveaway I’m offering below.

In case you missed it this is the link to follow the other wonderful bloggers on this hop –

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To celebrate this blog hop, I’m giving away an e-book copies to two lucky participants –  one of my M/M books – Stripped Bare, Saving Alexander,  Worth Keeping, Double Alchemy, Double Alchemy-Climax, Waiting for Rain, Love and Punishment or Love You Senseless. Two lucky winners, drawn at random, will win their choice of a book.

You only have to leave a comment with your choice of villain to enter this giveaway. If you wanted to follow me around on my travels and book writing endeavours, then my links are below. It’s entirely up to you 🙂

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Once the blog hop is over, the random winners will be drawn and announced here on my blog. I’ll also contact you via email. In your comment, leave me the following –

Your email address -Very Important!
Preference for which one of my books you fancy if you have one
If you want to tell me what e-book format you’d prefer if you win, feel free.

And most of all – thanks for stopping by, participating and making contact. I really appreciate you all taking the time to pop in.

Oh and you might like to check out my Man Candy section on the right. I’m sure you’ll find something there to take your fancy 🙂

Stripped BareSaving AlexanderWorthKeeping_Cover Final



Love and Punishment2


MoL_Love You Senseless_cover


DoubleAlchemy_FINAL DA Climax Final














If you missed it, you can check out the main event for this blog hop here :

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The Equal Rights Queer Town Abbey Blog Hop

Welcome to the Equal Rights Queer Town Abbey Blog Hop. As always, it’s a pleasure participating in these, as they always seem to bring people together.


The hop runs July 4th 12:00 am EST through 11th 11:59 pm EST and there are some fabulous prizes for the giveaway!
You can check the big prize list here:

My first experience in the LGBT community.

Hmmm. That’s a wide reaching topic and could mean just about anything. I don’t really remember my first ‘experience’ – was it perhaps the first time I ever read an M/M book and thought, ‘Wow, I love this genre and I want more?’ Was it the first time I actively researched topics for my own books and got exposed to the wonderful world of Gayology 101 on Goodreads where frank, open discussions were the norm and a great source of information. Tongue piercings and blow jobs, shower action and the question of shaving all body hair formed a big part of one of the discussions I was involved with and was a real eye opener. Or was it the time I cheered when UK marriage for same sex couples became legal and shared in the joy of many of my friends who’d been tirelessly supporting this initiative.

It could be all of the above. I think though I’d like to talk a little about this past weekend, when I attended Pride in London. Yes, it pissed down like the proverbial London weather is imagined to do. I got wet and ate more than I’d ever planned as I was constantly ducking into coffee shops to get out of the rain. And of course, when you smell the coffee and see the pastries on offer, you just have to have one of each. But you know what – the bad weather didn’t matter. The spirit of this event was overwhelming, all encompassing to the point of sheer exuberance, and everyone participated with all their hearts and souls could offer. It was a proud event, an event where people can see the extent of the immense LGBTQ community we have, and gave them a chance to have their say and simply enjoy this day. I was proud to be a part of it and these pictures say a thousand words….even if it was a bit bleak and grey.





Question- Where was the recent PRIDE Day I was at held – in which city?

To enter the giveaway head down here and answer the simple question I posed above. There are some wonderful prizes on offer.

Rafflecopter Link is below

a Rafflecopter giveaway