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Safari Heat Blog Hop Sept 11-16th

Safari Heat
All the rules and how the hop will work it listed on the Safari Heat site. Follow the link below.

I wanted to do something a little humorous for this blog hop. So I thought maybe a quick text conversation between my two characters, Shane Templar and Matthew Langer might fit the bill. Shane is a cheeky hacker, whose favourite tool (apart from his own) is a laptop called Bushwhacker and Matthew is a more reserved, responsible lawyer with OCD tendencies. He likes neat and tidy.

Please note there are some sexual innuendos and chat in this conversation so if you offend easily, please move on …:)

Shane Morning, lover. Hope you made it to work okay after this morning. You totally spiked my traffic this morning. I love morning sex.
Matthew Hell, you are dreadful, Shay. Where the hell do you find these sayings?
Shane I have my ways and means. About this morning – I love playing on your laptop, you know that.
Matthew Sex with you is always a pleasure. I can’t think of anything clever to say like you, I’ll have to Google something. But you have this of mine ♥
Shane Love you too, babe. Fancy doing a little peer-to-peer saliva swapping later? I’ll buy wine. Oh by the way don’t freak out when you get home. I didn’t line up the towels the way you like them. I left them on the bathroom floor, all wet and scrumpled.
Matthew Ha bloody ha. You wouldn’t do that. You know how much I hate it.
Five minutes pass
Matthew Shay, you were kidding, right?
Five minutes later.
Matthew. Bastard. I’m going into a meeting now, so switching off the phone. See you tonight x
Shane Actually I was wondering if you’d like to go back to My-Space, so I can Twitter with your Yahoo, until I Google all over your Facebook?
Matthew –OMG. You are insatiable. I love it. See you later, and then I’ll hack your kernel..
Shane Found the cheesy pick up line site did you? Have a good meeting. Love you x Oh and I was kidding about the towels. But I did mix up the tins in the cupboard…:)♥

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