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Cover Release- Forever in Starlight

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Some of you may know that I wrote M/F before I branched into M/M. The books were well received but as these were my debut novels, I didn’t enjoy a huge amount of success. I was a newbie and didn’t have the panache back them to understand what I was doing 😊 I like to think I’ve grown a bit since then, so my publisher and I decided that the time had come to release the third book in my Starlight series to finish off Bennett and Cassie’s story. This is a May-December romance, Bennett being ten years younger than Cass, and they meet under tragic circumstances. Bennett is an up and coming actor in London, and there are no prizes for guessing who inspired him 😊 It’s one of my two man crushes…

Cassie is successful business woman, independent and feisty. The stories are pretty action packed and there’s loads of excitement and intrigue, including a rather controversial scene which you can find out more about below on James Landrith’s website.…/more-than-a-love-story-cassandr…/…/10/01/male-rape-and-romance-nov…/

The Boroughs newsletter showcases the cover and the book too…/july-2018-e-newsle…

I think most of my readers are M/M readers, but having said that, I don’t want to assume anything. I know some people love to read both genres and more.

Without further ado, this is the cover for my new release, coming on 30th August, that finally gives readers of the first two books the proper ending to the saga. There will be a book tour planned by Carol Fenton for this story, so watch her blog, for announcements of dates if you’d like to take part.

If you’re interested, the links for my first two Starlight books are below.
Cassandra by Starlight
Together in Starlight
or at the publisher site-

You can also listen to the interview I did with Tracy Cooper from Southend Radio station on the About Me page. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see the media player.

Interview with Tracy Cooper- Southend Radio

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‘Echoes of Innocence’ by Stephen Hill

This is my friend Stephen Hill’s book about his rape at the hands of two men when he was sixteen. It’s an emotional and heart wrenching tale of a man coming to terms with his ordeal and learning to live with his past. I was privileged enough to beta read it when he was writing it and I have to say he’s had one helluva life. If you like reading stories of true survivors, then this one is recommended. Stephen was also interviewed by Survivors in Manchester and you can find the interview at the link below.


You all know I’m a big advocate of men’s rights when it comes to sexual abuse as I think they sometimes struggle to be heard. I’ve written posts about it myself and if you’d like to read them you can see them here. It’s something I feel very strongly about and in fact, I depicted a scene of female on male rape in my debut novel, ‘Cassandra by Starlight.’ I used James Landrith’s own account of his ordeal at the hands of a woman rapist for my research and as a result, James sought me out and we are now friends, even from far away. Distance has no barriers when it comes to subjects like this one.

The first in the Starlight series of books
The first in the Starlight series of books


Civil Liberties and Sexual Rights activist James Landrith has been through the same thing. He’s vocal about his support for victims of rape and you can read all about his views -sometimes very strongly worded!- on his website.



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Older woman, younger man – May December love affairs

The first in the Starlight series of books
The first in the Starlight series of books
Bear with me on this blog post, and I will come to point of the title in a little while…
It will come as no surprise to anyone that knows me that I started writing ‘Cassandra by Starlight’ because I had the hots for Benedict Cumberbatch and the only way anything was going to happen in that arena was if I cloned him.
I’m no scientist so that was unfortunately not an option. However, the next best thing to having divine Cumberbatch cells cultivating in a petri dish, or the man himself being replicated in some futuristic cloning machine just for my own personal pleasure, was to create a fictional character modelled on him so I could have my evil way with him. *shivers at that thought*
Enter Bennett Devon Saville. (See what I did there –the name?) Thirty seven years old, debonair, sexy, auburn haired, green eyed, laconic, sophisticated, hot as hell London actor and thespian. With loads of money to boot. And a red Jaguar XKR convertible. In short, ladies and gentlemen, my hottest fantasy come true. Now I know there are people who know me out there rolling their eyes and tut-tutting in sheer resignation as I express these base desires. Sorry, chaps. I’ve never kept it a secret and it makes me a little sad but I’m prepared to suffer the consequences.
Now, it’s a little difficult to get down and dirty with a fictional character, however tasty they may be. There’s only one way to do that. You have to create another fictional character to take up the slack you yourself can’t get to grips with. And so Cassie Wallace, age forty seven, was born. Well she had to be my age, didn’t she, so the fantasy could play itself out in the most realistic way possible. And the two characters meet, like the look of each other, go to dinner, have a night of passionate, steaming sex and the rest – you’ll have to read the book to find out.
And now we get to the crux of the matter on the whole ‘older woman, younger man’ affair. There’s a ten year age gap between these two. Bennett is man who needs a little stability in his crazy, show business life. He finds Cassie’s maturity, her outlook on life, her calming presence and her feistiness a real attraction. Cassie finds Bennett sexy, attentive, willing to overlook the age gap, and downright horny for her. What woman in her right mind wouldn’t want this in a man?
I’ve read various posts and articles about the allure for these types of relationships.
The man likes it because
• The woman is self-assured
• She has life and sexual experience
• She has faced her insecurities
• She may have money
• Some men aren’t looking for long term commitment and think this is a way to get that
The woman likes it because
• She has a younger man on her arm, one who may physically be in better shape than an older one
• They have stamina
• They’re in their prime
• He makes her feel younger
• Some women aren’t looking for long term commitment and think this is a way to get that

There are countless reasons these couples may be attracted to each other. It’s not all about the older ‘Cougar’ going out to nab a man so she can showcase him on her arm like eye candy. But it’s a perfectly valid reason for some. And hell, if you can do it, why the heck not.
Bennett simply finds Cassie attractive –she’s a curvy size 16, but goes to gym, is a beautiful, mature woman who takes care of herself and has a sex drive to meet his (which is pretty rampant). He loves the fact she’s a self-made business woman, intelligent, sexy and grounded.
Cassie finds Bennett extremely attractive, attentive, suave, intelligent and funny. He’s a man who has a lot of ambition, the drive to get him there and he can take charge when she needs him to- both in and out the bedroom. He’s also warm and loving and protective.

Below you can find some links with articles to this topic, all giving different point of views. There is no right answer or motivation. The bottom line is that if you like being with someone, it should make no difference what their age, gender, religious views, or colour is. You’re just two people enjoying each other’s company. And to hell with anyone who says differently.
Linda Franklin, author of ‘Don’t Ever Call me Ma’am!’

To buy the books featuring Bennett and Cassie – ‘Cassandra by Starlight’ and ‘Together in Starlight’