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The Big Cocks and Broomsticks Giveaway Blog Hop – and all about HOPE

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Here’s the link to follow for the blog hop and to find the other bloggers –

I once wrote a blog post about the research writers do for their books. You can read it here –

I am forever intrigued by the subjects tackled in other author’s books. I’ve read some incredibly fascinating ones lately. Take ‘Omorphi’ by the charming and glitter bedazzled Cody Kennedy (he apparently needs need regular Vitamin G injections lol). Cody’s book tackles the subject of extremely disturbing child abuse and I can’t imagine the research he had to do to write such a thoughtful, sympathetic and heart wrenching story. It’s tasteful, emotional, beautifully written and the character of Christy is simply breath taking.

Then I had the pleasure of reading Disasterology 101 by Taylor V. Donovan. Her book tackles the subject of OCD and germophobia with tenderness, empathy and the emotions of two men who find each other at the most bewildering times of their lives.

Then there was the wonderful ‘Junk’ by Josephine Myles. This was the story of a man who couldn’t stopped hoarding ‘stuff’ and who lived in chaos – organised chaos by his standards – until he found someone who could help him tendencies to collect anything he thought he needed and support him as he came to terms with his situation.

So these are all fascinating studies of the human psyche, the human ability to adjust, adapt and heal from circumstances that some of us may find untenable. They are glorious missives of just how someone else’s love, affection and support can heal and make people feel worthy of their attention. These books show men being patient, kind, understanding and most of all, offering hope to those who feel that perhaps that they are not worth saving.


And stories like these are hard to find in today’s world and we need more of them. I say well done to each one of these author’s for tacking subjects that may be controversial and difficult to write about. I enjoyed each one of them and in reading each one, I took something warm and fuzzy away with me – the faith that human nature CAN offer solace and hope in days when despair is all too prevalent.

I’ve written my own books on the subject of hope – ‘ Saving Alexander’ and ‘Worth Keeping’ and you can find out more about them here on my Pinterest boards –

In case you missed it, follow this link to find the other bloggers on the hop or click on the linky below-

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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To celebrate this blog hop, I’m giving away two e-book copies of my recent release, ‘Stripped Bare’, and my new release, ‘Saving Alexander’, which is out on the 29th October. Two lucky winners, drawn at random, will win either one of these books.

Stripped BareSaving Alexander

You only have to leave a comment to enter but if you’d like to increase your chances of winning one of the books, then you can do one or all of the following – these are optional and if you only leave a comment, you’ll still be entered into the giveaway –

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Once the blog hop is over, the random winners will be drawn and announced here on my blog. I’ll also contact you via email. In your comment, leave me the following –

Your email address -Very Important!
Preference for which one of my books you fancy if you have one
If you followed or connected, which one of the above?
If you want to tell me what e-book format you’d prefer if you win, feel free.

And most of all – thanks for stopping by, participating and making contact. This is what Martha Beck had to say about human contact –

Basic human contact – the meeting of eyes, the exchanging of words – is to the psyche what oxygen is to the brain. If you’re feeling abandoned by the world, interact with anyone you can.

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Recent blog hops and winners of Stripped Bare.

Well, the TRR and Safari Heat blog hops are over now and I hope everyone had fun -until the next one at least. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented, your participation is really appreciated.

I wish everyone could be a winner of the e-book prize but unfortunately, that’s not possible. So without further ado, here are the winners randomly selected from the entries on the blogs.

Winning a copy of Stripped Bare – I decided to give two/three copies away as there was a great response.

Congrats book

The Romance Reviews Blog Hop


Safari Heat Blog Hop

Amanda A

I will be in touch by email to find out what format you’d like so I can send you the book.

In the meantime enjoy this very sexy picture and Happy Tuesday!

So damn sexy

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Guilty Indulgence Blog Hop

Badge Book Indulgence Hop

Here’s the thing. My debut novel was called Cassandra by Starlight and it included a fairly controversial topic abut female on male rape. I did a huge amount of research for the female on male rape scene as it was something new and appeared to be a fairly contentious issue. I came across some real life experiences and men’s views and one of them that really impacted on me was a story and some views by a man called James A. Landrith who’d been subject to this very thing.
James was matter of fact, truthful and at the time of my research, he was openly active in helping promote the awareness of male rape and disprove the misconceptions out there. I used James’ views and the research and blogs etc he’d done as the basis for my rape scene for my leading man, Bennett Saville. At no time did I make actual contact with the man and his material went into my ‘research’ archive in my Google mail account.
As is the practice being a self promoting author, Tweeted , Facebooked, Google +’d and blogged the news about my book all over the place in the hope someone was listening to me. Imagine my surprise when James contacted me via Twitter over this past weekend and gave me the links to recent posts and some more information. He’d seen my promotion post on Twitter somehow and decided to get in touch. We chatted online, had a few messages pass between us and James then surprised me with the fact he’d written a blog about it on his own site and would I mind if he published it, together with links to my website and my book. I also gained a new reader as he downloaded the book to read.
There are two reasons I said a resounding ‘Yes’ to this. One of them is a purely a selfish one – my book was getting exposure to people I otherwise might not have reached. The second one, and honestly, the more important one to me, was it was getting publicity in a way that really mattered – in the context of a really social conundrum that lent itself to discussion and debate.
real men

So, to see a really controversial subject that I used in my book promoted and written about in the way that James has done, lends credence to the fact that we can also use serious topics in our romance books and that sometimes our writing does have an impact on others. It’s awe inspiring for me as an author to see my book written about in this way and I am truly grateful to James for giving me the opportunity to do so.
You can view James’ blog and his comments on my book here – he is a self proclaimed ‘left libertarian blogger, publisher, Marine and civil liberties activist.

The first in the Starlight series of books
The first in the Starlight series of books

I’m now writing M/M Romance books although my Starlight trilogy is still going strong. For this blog hop, I’m giving away a copy of my latest best selling release, Stripped Bare (e-book only -available in mobi, epub and pdf formats) via random draw. To qualify you need to leave a comment on this guest post -you must include your email so I can contact you if you win. If you’d prefer the first book in the Starlight series, ‘Cassandra by Starlight’ leave a note in your comment and I can certainly accommodate that request.

Stripped Bare

You can purchase the book here

Boroughs Publishing Group
All Romance ebooks

If you want to gain extra entries into the Giveaway, then you can do any of the following. (These are not mandatory, it’s up to you. But each one will qualify you for an extra entry into the draw)

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To enter in the Rafflecopter and follow the hop, click the link below

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Excerpt from my next M/M release, ‘Waiting for Rain’

My new M/M release should be out in November. I’m waiting for confirmation so don’t hold me to that. But I thought I’d give you a little teaser of the first few pages to see what you think.

This is the longer blurb…

When Toby Prentiss, Hotel Manager at the Duck and Drake in rural Stamford, meets hunky Rain Engel , master carpenter, in the hotel, there is a definite spark between the two men. From a heated kiss in the hotel’s lost property room to assignations in a garden shed and a rather raunchy session on a haystack, it’s surprising that their passion for each other doesn’t set the stack on fire.
Despite very different backgrounds , the two men begin a relationship that starts to develop into something deeper. Rain has been hurt in the past and he’s very wary of getting involved again. Toby comes from a broken background and he’s had to learn everything the hard way. But when he gives himself to someone, there’s no holds barred. And when Rain’s ex lover turns up to convince Rain to take him back, things get a little stressful. Toby’s past comes back to haunt him and the two men find they have a lot of soul searching to do. But it’s only when the small town erupts in an act of violence against one of them, that true feelings are bared and they have to come to grips with the extent of their feelings for one another.

And here’s the longer excerpt. This is still a WIP (Work In Progress) and has some editing to be done.

I looked down at the man I straddled, feeling grim satisfaction at the expression on his face.
Trevor was bloody terrified.
Normally when I sat across his hips we were making love but this time, no one could mistake the look on his face for one of passion. “If you try hit me again, I will kill you,” I enunciated slowly. “You crossed a line and now there’s no going back.” My hands curled into tight fists at my side and my heart beat fiercely in my chest with the adrenalin high. I tasted blood in my mouth from the punch he’d thrown at me.
Trevor looked up at me, his face pale. “Christ, Toby, get the hell off me, you bastard.” His high pitched voice was strained. I knew that was because I’d just kneed him painfully in the balls. The man might be singing soprano for a while to come. I shifted off him, standing fingering my jaw gingerly. Trevor was a big man and he packed a powerful wallop. He grasped his damaged bollocks, curling into a foetal ball. I left him lying in his small, ornately furnished lounge and walked into the kitchen. I opened the freezer and took out some ice cubes, packing them into a tea towel. I held the cold pack against the already swelling flesh of jaw and lips, hissing at the sting. Someone entered behind me and I turned, ready to defend myself again. My soon to be ex-boyfriend of only six weeks stood in the doorway. His face was drawn with pain and the look in his eyes was not pleasant.
“You hurt me, you psycho. Christ, I should have known better than to get involved with someone like you.”
My insides churned at the sneer in his voice. “Someone like me? What’s that supposed to mean?” But I thought I knew.
Trevor laughed harshly. “A foster kid who lived on the bloody streets and did God knows what with who knows who.”
“Whom,” I said quietly.
He frowned. “Huh?”
“If you’re going to fucking insult me, Trev, then at least be grammatically correct.” I have a tendency sometimes to make bad situations worse through what I think is clever use of my snark. Trevor decided he wasn’t a fan. He moved over to me quickly, his hand raised. He must have seen the look on my face because he stopped and lowered his hand. “You think you’re so clever, Toby. You didn’t have to kick me in the balls like that.” His voice was a mix of aggrieved hurt and suppressed violence.
I looked at him in disbelief. “You punched me, Trevor, because you thought I was having it off with the boy from the coffee shop. You threatened to ‘ram your fist down my throat and fuck me till I was blue.’ Your exact words. You can surely see I might not like that scenario?”
He grunted. “You were being mouthy as usual. And you can’t tell me you don’t fancy little Brett. You and he are always flirting with each other.”
I shook my head in stupefaction. “He’s only nineteen years old, for God’s sake! Far too young for me, and besides, I had you, remember?” His eyes squinted at the use of the past tense. “And yes, we flirt but we both know it’s not going anywhere.” I laid the ice pack down in the sink, moving towards the door. Trevor moved in front of the doorway, blocking me.
“Trev, let me out,” I said. “We both know this is over. I won’t let any man knock me about like you just did.”
Trevor sneered again. “God, you are so far up your own arse, Toby. It was just this one time. And you made me do it.”
“One time is too many.” I stood in front of him, holding my ground. Trevor was a bully and I’d learnt most times if you stood up for yourself, they’d back down. “It’s best we just part ways now. I don’t need a jealous arsehole as a boyfriend, even if the pickings in town are lean. I’d rather do without, thanks.” I held his gaze and finally his eyes slid away. He moved slightly to one side. I brushed past, half expecting him to hit me from behind. He didn’t.
I went to the lounge, picked up my jacket from the back of the chair and slung it over my shoulder. There was very little of me in his flat, even though we’d spent quite a bit of time there. We hadn’t graduated to me keeping a spare toothbrush in the bathroom, or extra clothes. I rarely stayed the whole night anyway, preferring to walk the half mile up the road back to my own place. My apartment room at the hotel I worked at wasn’t suited to booty call visits. I liked to keep my private life separate from work.
“I’m probably better off without you anyway,” he said vindictively. “There’s loads of blokes who’d like me to bend them over and give them one.” He waved dismissively. “And you weren’t that great in the sack anyway.”
I ignored his attempts to piss me off as I made my way to the front door. My lip was stinging, my jaw ached and all I wanted to do was get home, take a painkiller and fall into bed. It was almost nine p.m. so I’d even have time to watch True Blood before I went to sleep. As I opened the door, I turned to face him.
“Stay away from me, Trevor,” I said as I stepped out into the corridor. “Let’s just make this a clean break with no drama. I’m sure you’ll find some poor sod to take my place soon enough.”
His eyes narrowed. “You bet I will. And don’t worry. I wash my hands of you. I’ve got better things to do.”
I nodded. “Good. Then we understand each other.” I left, closing the door behind me. For a minute, I leaned against the wall, my eyes closed as I took a few deep breaths. Then finally, I walked down the short flight of stairs to the street below, headed for home.

About a week later I had another little contretemps. Mercury must have been in retrograde. I’d never realised what it felt like to be ‘at the end of my tether’ before. I knew the expression, having looked it up in an idle moment once when I was bored. The Cambridge Dictionary defined it as ‘having no strength or patience left’ and said it was’ to be at the limit of your patience or endurance.’ Both of these phrases were true. Personally I preferred ‘fucked off beyond all restraint and ready to kill.’
I gritted my teeth, my jaw aching as the little old lady in front of me waved bejewelled and gnarly fingers in front of my face. I wanted to bite them off one by one, watch as they fell into little white and bloody strips onto the very expensive carpeting we stood on. The hotel owner wouldn’t like that one little bit. Not the fact I’d bitten her fingers off but the fact that the blood may stain his carpeting. He was no fan of Esther either.
“Young man, are you even listening to me?” Esther Mountjoy’s face was like crinkled crepe paper, her tone haughty. Faded blue eyes gazed out of a face that was immaculately painted. Her thin lips were twisted in a grimace of displeasure that I wasn’t hearing what she was saying. People passing by in the plush hotel entrance glanced at us curiously. Some were even loitering, waiting to see how the whole ‘square off’ would turn out.
I’ve been listening to you for the last ten fucking minutes, you homophobic, ignorant cow.
My face formed into what I hoped was a reassuring smile and not the visage of a psycho axe murderer wanting to strike the woman’s head off her shoulders. Preferably with a blunt axe. “Mrs. Mountjoy, of course I have. You’ve made your point loud and clear. But I’m sorry. I can’t ask these two people to leave the hotel simply because you don’t like the fact that they are –how did you put it? Oh yes, ‘poncy nancy boys’. I’m afraid this hotel has an open policy on things like this and we won’t judge people who wish to stay here based on their sexual preference.”
My friend and receptionist Tammy watched me carefully from the elegantly panelled wooden reception desk. She peered over the top of her very prim and proper glasses. I think she was getting ready to pull me off the lady patron standing in front of me should I decide to go completely insane. I wanted to pick up and use the stone vase sitting innocently yet alluringly on the polished oak side table in the foyer and bash this woman over her immaculately coiffed head.
“But they’re queer, Mr. Prentiss!” Esther hissed, scandalised, her eyes darting around the busy reception area, no doubt for fear someone might hear her utter a taboo word. I wanted to break into song and chant the old Northern maxim ‘there’s nowt so queer as folk’ but I didn’t think that would help.
“They are two gay men who have paid to stay here like everyone else, Mrs. Mountjoy.” My smile was starting to crack, my hostility level rising.
Christ, I was so bloody sick of this attitude. I’d faced it all my life.
“Mr. Wren and Mr. Carmichael have every right to be here.” I clenched my hands by my sides, my fingernails cutting into my palms. Out of the corner of my eye, Tammy twitched and half stood up from behind her position at the reception desk.
“Then I shan’t be coming back here, if people like that are allowed to soil these beautiful premises with their presence.” Her satisfied, smug words sent an immediate jolt of fury to my chest. “It’s scandalous, that’s what it is. That God fearing folk like me and Mrs. Wainwright have to put up with that disgusting filth in the same place we lay our heads at night. Isn’t that right, dear Selma?” She turned to the tall, spare, woman standing quietly at her side who looked uncomfortable at her proclamation. Her eyes were raised to mine almost in apology. Selma Wainwright had always been open minded as far as I knew. My head pounded at the description of two gay men as ‘disgusting filth’. My temper rose and I groaned inwardly.
Keep it loose, Toby. For God’s sake, don’t go bloody ape shit. Not here.

So what do you think? Does it grab you, want to make you read more? This is also my first foray into the world of first person POV and the chapters alternate between Toby and the man who still has to make his appearance, the sexy Rain Engel. And boy does he drive poor Toby crazy….

If anyone fancies reading a chapter from Rain’s POV, leave a comment and let me know. Then perhaps I’ll post something that gives you a little bit of insight into who Rain is.

Thanks for reading!

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Sneak Peek Sunday – ‘Stripped Bare’ release 22nd July

I’m taking part in the Sneak Peek Sunday blog hop. Below you can find a short excerpt from my new release, ‘Stripped Bare’.

David moved closer to Shane, still tugging himself madly. David’s gasps grew more strident and louder as his body began to jerk uncontrollably. Shane closed his eyes in resignation. It was too late. The hot, wet, acrid smelling ejaculate shot all over his stomach and groin as David directed it over him and shouted out in release.
Shane was bathed in white spurts of semen that shot across his lower belly like silly string, warming his flesh and leaving sticky snail trails. It wasn’t the first time he’d been bathed in the stuff but it was the first time it had been done without his permission or willing participation. He opened his eyes to see David smiling at him.
“God, Shane, that was incredible,” David blabbered, missing Shane’s narrowed eyes and complete lack of he bobbed around on the bed like a kid at Christmas. “Let me get those bonds off you. Hold on and I’ll untie you.”
A distinct sense of relief flooded Shane’s body that he wasn’t closeted with a psycho about to carve him up or rape him. He knew he’d been lucky tonight and that made him all the more mad. He didn’t like taking risks like this one.
Shane watched as the other man fiddled with the ankle restraints, and when he’d was freed Shane’s legs, David moved up over Shane’s body to untie his wrists.
He was oblivious to the stillness of Shane’s body and the tensing of his muscles as he waited to be set free.
As soon as he unties that first one, I am going to fucking deck him right across his pretty face and beat the shit out of him.

Buy link

The cover for my new M/M Romance due out 22nd July 2013.
The cover for my new M/M Romance due out 22nd July 2013.

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PROMO BLOG: Stripped Bare by Susan Mac Nicol

Thanks to the lovely Sid Love for the great shout out on my new book *Kisses and Hugs*

Sid Love

Susan Mac Nicol is having her first M/M novel published from the Boroughs Publication and the expected release is 22nd July, 2013! Here’s an intriguing blurb for the story “Stripped Bare” and a cover art that makes you go ooh and ahh!


Stripped Bare’ book blurb

Though two years past, Matthew Langer is still getting over the death of a loved one. He’s steered clear of serious relationships, but when he meets the irascible, dirty mouthed and tempestuous Shane Templar that decision has never been harder. Shane is sexy, warm and funny, and Matthew finds himself trying like hell not to care about him. Especially when Shane, with his quick wit and hacking skills, is quick to stand up for justice and avenge wrongs. Then Shane strikes at the wrong target, and Matthew realises just how far gone he already is. At the threat of losing for good yet…

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PROMO BLOG: Stripped Bare by Susan Mac Nicol

Thanks to the lovely Sid Love for the great shout out on my new book *Kisses and Hugs*

Sid Love

Susan Mac Nicol is having her first M/M novel published from the Boroughs Publication and the expected release is 22nd July, 2013! Here’s an intriguing blurb for the story “Stripped Bare” and a cover art that makes you go ooh and ahh!


Stripped Bare’ book blurb

Though two years past, Matthew Langer is still getting over the death of a loved one. He’s steered clear of serious relationships, but when he meets the irascible, dirty mouthed and tempestuous Shane Templar that decision has never been harder. Shane is sexy, warm and funny, and Matthew finds himself trying like hell not to care about him. Especially when Shane, with his quick wit and hacking skills, is quick to stand up for justice and avenge wrongs. Then Shane strikes at the wrong target, and Matthew realises just how far gone he already is. At the threat of losing for good yet…

View original post 238 more words

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Guest post- Eric Gates -Thriller Writer

I am honoured to be show cased today on the blog of the legendary thriller writer who is Eric Gates. I say legendary because if you wanted to fill his shoes, they’d have to be pretty big. You also wouldn’t want to mess with him. You can read all about him on his website and blog anyway and make up your own mind.  Eric and I trade emails about life in Spain (where he lives) the weather (which is always better where he lives) and writing. And he’s been kind enough to feature me. And I’m currently reading his book ‘The Cull’ which is riveting and I can’t wait to get home to read more. So without further ado, read on.