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Sex Positivity Blog Hop 9 November – 22 November

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This is what Grace had to say on this subject and I completely agree with her…

There is so much negativity surrounding sex. It’s used to sell everything from ice cream to cars and everything in between, but when it comes to discussing it, that’s a huge taboo. And yet, if it’s mentioned in a positive light, that it’s okay to like sex, that you want to have a lot of it (with or without multiple partners), it suddenly becomes the worst thing in the world. This hop is intended to counter that. Whether you write fiction and want to discuss how it works in your writing or if you are a blogger who reads about it. Maybe you’re just a person who’s been on the bad side of slut or kink shaming. Or you’ve been targeted because you like/watch/read/participate in porn. Whatever the case, this hop is meant to help give voice to these things, the problems they cause and what we might want to see different.

The topic for this blog hop is sex positive. Now, there are all sorts of definitions out there as to what this means but I’m going to go with my own. It simply means that sex and having sex should be a positive experience and it should enjoyable. I don’t think it’s any more sinister than this.

Sex Positive

To me these are the attributes of having a sex positive lifestyle for anyone –

Know what you want. Whether it’s a man, a woman, and whether you are a man or a woman, you have the right to determine who you want to have sex with or make love with, for yourself, regardless of gender. No one can tell you otherwise. While it might be difficult, it is your choice. Of course sometimes society will tell you otherwise. Family might tell you otherwise. Hell, complete bloody strangers may tell you otherwise! And I would never downplay the prejudice and bigotry that people who want to be different to the norm face every single day. It’s not easy. You have to believe though  in yourself, that you are not tainted, a freak or any other label people might throw your way. You are who you are.

Having sex is healthy but only if you want to. Not having sex is also good for you if that’s the way you feel. Don’t feel pressured into being sexual with anyone until you’re ready. You deserve to be able to decide when this happens.

Sex is not always the way you see in the movies or in porn films, or read about in books. Sex can be disappointing, painful and unfulfilling in the wrong circumstances, or with the wrong person. Even with the right person, it isn’t always ecstatic sex faces and mind blowing orgasms. Don’t believe that every woman gets an orgasm from penetration, that every gay man can give a blow job, that in every relationship there is a top and a bottom. Don’t believe that you should have a six pack, be a size 38DD bra size, or have a dick like an elephant. Sex is what you as a couple, or a threesome, or even a foursome, want it to be without it being idealised and compared to what you might see portrayed in the idealistic world of romance novels and television. If it feels good and you both, or all, enjoy it, that’s what counts. Don’t expect to be perfect.

body beautiful

The things which are definitely not sex positive. I wouldn’t ever condone sex with animals or dead bodies or under age children or a myriad of other illegal and unethical and immoral practices. We have laws in place for a good reason to ensure the protection of others, even if it is a chicken. Having said that….

Consensual = sex positive. Kinks, BDSM, water sports, puppy play, fetishes of all types – whatever you and your consenting other/s want to do- as long as you’re all in agreement, anything could be possible. Keep it safe, consensual and of course, fun. Judging others on how they conduct their lives and in particular, their sex lives and who they have sex with, is what gets this old world of ours into trouble every day.

In short, be comfortable with who you are, respect the people you’re in a relationship with, don’t believe you have to meet the expectations of how sex and love making is portrayed in the media of books and film and above all – have fun, enjoy yourself and let your bodies, and your emotions, do all the talking. Life is too short for regrets and we only have one of them. Life I mean- we’re all realistic enough to know we’ll have more than a few regrets.

To check out what the other bloggers have to say, follow the link below

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To celebrate this blog hop, I’m giving away an e-book copies to two lucky participants –  one of my M/M books – Stripped Bare, Saving Alexander,  Worth Keeping, Double Alchemy, Double Alchemy-Climax, Waiting for Rain, Love and Punishment or Love You Senseless. Two lucky winners, drawn at random, will win their choice of a book.

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Guilty Indulgence Blog Hop

Badge Book Indulgence Hop

Here’s the thing. My debut novel was called Cassandra by Starlight and it included a fairly controversial topic abut female on male rape. I did a huge amount of research for the female on male rape scene as it was something new and appeared to be a fairly contentious issue. I came across some real life experiences and men’s views and one of them that really impacted on me was a story and some views by a man called James A. Landrith who’d been subject to this very thing.
James was matter of fact, truthful and at the time of my research, he was openly active in helping promote the awareness of male rape and disprove the misconceptions out there. I used James’ views and the research and blogs etc he’d done as the basis for my rape scene for my leading man, Bennett Saville. At no time did I make actual contact with the man and his material went into my ‘research’ archive in my Google mail account.
As is the practice being a self promoting author, Tweeted , Facebooked, Google +’d and blogged the news about my book all over the place in the hope someone was listening to me. Imagine my surprise when James contacted me via Twitter over this past weekend and gave me the links to recent posts and some more information. He’d seen my promotion post on Twitter somehow and decided to get in touch. We chatted online, had a few messages pass between us and James then surprised me with the fact he’d written a blog about it on his own site and would I mind if he published it, together with links to my website and my book. I also gained a new reader as he downloaded the book to read.
There are two reasons I said a resounding ‘Yes’ to this. One of them is a purely a selfish one – my book was getting exposure to people I otherwise might not have reached. The second one, and honestly, the more important one to me, was it was getting publicity in a way that really mattered – in the context of a really social conundrum that lent itself to discussion and debate.
real men

So, to see a really controversial subject that I used in my book promoted and written about in the way that James has done, lends credence to the fact that we can also use serious topics in our romance books and that sometimes our writing does have an impact on others. It’s awe inspiring for me as an author to see my book written about in this way and I am truly grateful to James for giving me the opportunity to do so.
You can view James’ blog and his comments on my book here – he is a self proclaimed ‘left libertarian blogger, publisher, Marine and civil liberties activist.

The first in the Starlight series of books
The first in the Starlight series of books

I’m now writing M/M Romance books although my Starlight trilogy is still going strong. For this blog hop, I’m giving away a copy of my latest best selling release, Stripped Bare (e-book only -available in mobi, epub and pdf formats) via random draw. To qualify you need to leave a comment on this guest post -you must include your email so I can contact you if you win. If you’d prefer the first book in the Starlight series, ‘Cassandra by Starlight’ leave a note in your comment and I can certainly accommodate that request.

Stripped Bare

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Sex Scene Championships – Scorching Book Reviews

I’m taking part in the marathon ‘Sex Scene Championship’ from 1st to 31st August with

The competition is stiff and there will be sweat – puns intended – and the authors participating are fierce competition, I have to tell you.


finalised Version of events copy

The schedule for the Championship is above. (PS My name is spelt wrong, I know, it has no H in it. But this was already printed by poor Nix after much effort so it shall remain as is for now.)

The schedule is subject to change just in case there are any unforeseen circumstances. I’m also offering prizes of ‘Stripped Bare’ to readers too, the prizes just didn’t make it on the list, but they will be given.

I hope you all swing by and visit. The day to watch out for is the 9th August – Erykah Wyck Vs Susan Mac Nicol

A challenge indeed…..May the best sex scene win!

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Cover Reveal for ‘Stripped Bare’

The cover for my new M/M Romance due out 22nd July 2013.
The cover for my new M/M Romance due out 22nd July 2013.

Though two years past, Matthew Langer is still getting over the death of a loved one. He’s steered clear of serious relationships, but when he meets the irascible, dirty mouthed and tempestuous Shane Templar that decision has never been harder. Shane is sexy, warm and funny, and Matthew finds himself trying like hell not to care about him. Especially when Shane, with his quick wit and hacking skills, is quick to stand up for justice and avenge wrongs. Then Shane strikes at the wrong target, and Matthew realises just how far gone he already is. At the threat of losing for good yet another man who’s broken through his armour, Matthew finds his heart stripped bare. He must face the demons of his soul or a future without love.

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Older woman, younger man – May December love affairs

The first in the Starlight series of books
The first in the Starlight series of books
Bear with me on this blog post, and I will come to point of the title in a little while…
It will come as no surprise to anyone that knows me that I started writing ‘Cassandra by Starlight’ because I had the hots for Benedict Cumberbatch and the only way anything was going to happen in that arena was if I cloned him.
I’m no scientist so that was unfortunately not an option. However, the next best thing to having divine Cumberbatch cells cultivating in a petri dish, or the man himself being replicated in some futuristic cloning machine just for my own personal pleasure, was to create a fictional character modelled on him so I could have my evil way with him. *shivers at that thought*
Enter Bennett Devon Saville. (See what I did there –the name?) Thirty seven years old, debonair, sexy, auburn haired, green eyed, laconic, sophisticated, hot as hell London actor and thespian. With loads of money to boot. And a red Jaguar XKR convertible. In short, ladies and gentlemen, my hottest fantasy come true. Now I know there are people who know me out there rolling their eyes and tut-tutting in sheer resignation as I express these base desires. Sorry, chaps. I’ve never kept it a secret and it makes me a little sad but I’m prepared to suffer the consequences.
Now, it’s a little difficult to get down and dirty with a fictional character, however tasty they may be. There’s only one way to do that. You have to create another fictional character to take up the slack you yourself can’t get to grips with. And so Cassie Wallace, age forty seven, was born. Well she had to be my age, didn’t she, so the fantasy could play itself out in the most realistic way possible. And the two characters meet, like the look of each other, go to dinner, have a night of passionate, steaming sex and the rest – you’ll have to read the book to find out.
And now we get to the crux of the matter on the whole ‘older woman, younger man’ affair. There’s a ten year age gap between these two. Bennett is man who needs a little stability in his crazy, show business life. He finds Cassie’s maturity, her outlook on life, her calming presence and her feistiness a real attraction. Cassie finds Bennett sexy, attentive, willing to overlook the age gap, and downright horny for her. What woman in her right mind wouldn’t want this in a man?
I’ve read various posts and articles about the allure for these types of relationships.
The man likes it because
• The woman is self-assured
• She has life and sexual experience
• She has faced her insecurities
• She may have money
• Some men aren’t looking for long term commitment and think this is a way to get that
The woman likes it because
• She has a younger man on her arm, one who may physically be in better shape than an older one
• They have stamina
• They’re in their prime
• He makes her feel younger
• Some women aren’t looking for long term commitment and think this is a way to get that

There are countless reasons these couples may be attracted to each other. It’s not all about the older ‘Cougar’ going out to nab a man so she can showcase him on her arm like eye candy. But it’s a perfectly valid reason for some. And hell, if you can do it, why the heck not.
Bennett simply finds Cassie attractive –she’s a curvy size 16, but goes to gym, is a beautiful, mature woman who takes care of herself and has a sex drive to meet his (which is pretty rampant). He loves the fact she’s a self-made business woman, intelligent, sexy and grounded.
Cassie finds Bennett extremely attractive, attentive, suave, intelligent and funny. He’s a man who has a lot of ambition, the drive to get him there and he can take charge when she needs him to- both in and out the bedroom. He’s also warm and loving and protective.

Below you can find some links with articles to this topic, all giving different point of views. There is no right answer or motivation. The bottom line is that if you like being with someone, it should make no difference what their age, gender, religious views, or colour is. You’re just two people enjoying each other’s company. And to hell with anyone who says differently.
Linda Franklin, author of ‘Don’t Ever Call me Ma’am!’

To buy the books featuring Bennett and Cassie – ‘Cassandra by Starlight’ and ‘Together in Starlight’

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Guest post- Eric Gates -Thriller Writer

I am honoured to be show cased today on the blog of the legendary thriller writer who is Eric Gates. I say legendary because if you wanted to fill his shoes, they’d have to be pretty big. You also wouldn’t want to mess with him. You can read all about him on his website and blog anyway and make up your own mind.  Eric and I trade emails about life in Spain (where he lives) the weather (which is always better where he lives) and writing. And he’s been kind enough to feature me. And I’m currently reading his book ‘The Cull’ which is riveting and I can’t wait to get home to read more. So without further ado, read on.

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Oh how the world turns…


I think I’ve said this before but I’m going to bore you and say it again. I love my new role as a writer/published author/scribe/wordsmith/woman of letters….Whichever way you look at it, it has changed my life to the point where I meet the most interesting, supportive, funny and downright irreverent characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. And now that I have ‘branched out’ into writing stories about the world of the gay male romance relationship, it’s just got better. I do talk about things in this post that may offend sensitive viewers, so feel free to look away now. This specific genre group of writers is incredible. In the words of the ladies in that wonderful British sitcom, they are ‘Absolutely Fabulous’. Eddy and Patsy would be so enamoured with this lot.

You can read more about Ab Fab here if you’re interested. It’s a classic if you like neurotic, sarcastic, chain smoking, drug popping and hard drinking women with attitude. And let’s face it, who doesn’t…

Anyway I digress. Back to this group of writers who have given me such pleasure over the past few months. Not the pleasure your dirty mind is thinking of, although …hmm, I guess there is an element of that when you’re reading hot, loving, gay man sex scenes…
Despite me being a newbie to the scene (in every way really, both writing and in this genre- my first book was only published August last year and my first M/M romance will be due out soon) they have taken me into the proverbial fold, offered me support and encouragement, some jaw dropping moments, an education beyond compare in the ‘ins and outs’ of writing this type of story and a lot of entertainment.

Like my beta reader for ‘Stripped Bare’ (a well-known author and gay man himself sense checking some of my scenes) coming up to me and saying ‘Sue, page 14 – honestly, cum doesn’t dry or travel that far.” Ahh. That’s telling me isn’t it. Right, I might have to revisit that bit. The realistic drying and distance of travelling cum needs to be addressed. (I have to say I think he said this for maximum impact when there were other people around who may not have known what we were talking about. He can be such a tease that way. I shudder to think what they thought but they were too polite to say anything if so.) And I have a feeling there will be more little gems of wisdom from my mentor before he’s through with me.

BTW which is the one more in use- cum or come? is this perhaps a US versus British spelling variation? Thoughts please…

There was the debate on whether a tongue stud will affect a blow job and if so, in what way? Good, bad? Anyone tried it, have an opinion? Of course they do. I am now enlightened up and beyond the call of duty on the effect of a tongue piercing on a man’s penis. There was also the whole online discussion about solo shower masturbation and whether men used this as their happy time to relieve themselves. That garnered quite a few responses.

Then there’s my personal favourite, another fellow author, also a gay man, who offered to ‘test drive ‘my sex scenes with his boyfriend so that my research could be validated. Whether it actually happened or not I have no idea but this man and his partner deserve a commendation for their commitment to duty. If there’s an Oscar out there for this, someone let me know. Maybe we should think of a name for it. Feel free to give me your suggestions. Not too rude please. It might have to be mentioned on national TV.

The wonderfully named Gayology101 forum on Goodreads is a complete eye opener and I thank the stars we have actual gay men and women answering questions that we straight women pose on their sexual activity. It gets a little raw in there I can tell you, but nothing we writers can’t handle in the name of ‘research’.

I mean, honestly, where else could one talk about these sorts of things without feeling like a pervert? And believe me, getting it right is extremely important. There’s nothing worse in my eyes that the research not being done properly and ticking someone off when they’re reading a book because it’s so blatantly wrong or unrealistic. You may not get it all right, and others may disagree with your take on some things but at least you tried like hell to do it right in the beginning.

Of course, all of the above applies to heterosexual sex as well, but I have a far better idea how that works, being an active participant myself. But when you’re writing about something you’ve never physically experienced or done (note I don’t say never visually experienced and I shall leave you all to ponder on the relevance of that statement) you need help to make it work. So befriending these authors, most of whom are more experienced in writing in this genre than I am, who have already run the gauntlet and had their men have mind blowing sex with each other, was a privilege and an honour. Discussing things in forums which may seem a little ‘out there’ was an education. Reading their books and finding out how they tackled the subject matter was enlightening and rewarding and most pleasurable. I doff my hat to them all.

All in all, I am enjoying this phase I’m going through and have every intention of continuing it. After all, David Sarnoff, businessman and pioneer of American radio and television, said:
‘Whatever course you have chosen for yourself, it will not be a chore but an adventure if you bring to it a sense of the glory of striving.’
Well, I am definitely striving… the path ahead can only be a LOT of fun.