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2020 is over. Let’s look forward to 2021 with a HUGE giveaway from a myriad of great authors

Roll on 2021 with a HUGE Winter Wonderland Story Giveaway

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Sue’s News and Views

It’s been an extremely difficult year for a lot of us, and I imagine we all hope that 2021 allows us to get back to our new version of normal. To everyone out there who has faced trauma and bad news, I’m glad you made it through to read this. I hope your future looks a little brighter and that the year ahead brings solace and happiness.From a personal perspective, my family and I have had our challenges but we’re looking forward to a new start in 2021, no matter what happens. To the wonderful readers who continue to read my books, thank you. I’m sorry I didn’t produce very much in 2020 but my muse simply wasn’t present. The ideas for new stories are fierce but the ability to write them kind of dissipated. 

However, I think 2021 will bring better creativity and I have some wonderful projects on the go which you can read about below.

Love to you all


There’s quite a bit to expect from me this year, so let’s get started

Coming soon in audio!  Talented author and narrator, David C Dawson, is my choice for this book. He’s got a voice like velvet, and his rich English tones will fit the characters in this book perfectly.There’s no release date as yet, but be sure to keep your eye on my social media and newsletter and I’ll announce it once we have a plan.This isn’t your usual romance story. It’s gritty and has bits that’ll make your butt clench in sympathy. However, of course there’s a happy ending (well for some of them anyway) and if you want a story that both sends chills down your spine and makes you feel all swoony and warm at the same time, this is the book for you.
It features a creepy serial killer, a loving couple with an established relationship, conflict galore and some dark humour. 

There’s a broody and troubled rock star coming your way…Edge is a 24 year old rock star. He’s a demi- god in the eyes of his adoring fans. He is loved, very much in the public eye,
is out and proud of it and is a role model for many. His music is a blend of pop and rock and his fans love it.But Edge, aka Jory Jasper Rockwell, is just an ordinary bloke from Manchester. He’s been lucky to get a few breaks and has evolved into the mythical creature he portrays- sexy, controversial, and tattooed, with a psyche that’s both confused and vulnerable.His home life is a mess, the man who thinks he owns him has him on a short leash and Edge doesn’t see any way out of his nightmare. Then along comes Damian Foyle and suddenly, Edge doesn’t feel so lost anymore.Perhaps, the hope of true love may be the last entry Jory needs to make in his treasured- and oh so private- journal.

And there’s more…Like supernatural stor  Enjoy a series filled with sass, conflict, sexual tension and a whole load of weird, international adventures? Read further…Coming March 2021Rubbing One OutBen Sinclair is just an ordinary man, trying to do an ordinary job at the zoo that he works in. He’s keeper for a bunch of smart assed penguins who seem to know him better than he knows himself. 
When Ben finds an old lamp in an antique shop that calls to him to buy it, he finds that sometimes the legends are true. One night, when he’s curiously inspecting his new and very unwanted purchase, he rubs his sleeve against the base to see what’s printed under the dirt. Imagine his total surprise when out of the lamp springs a genie, a slim, barefoot, dark haired, smart mouthed, sexy as hell genie with a distinct desire to stay in the lamp where his idea of heaven is the smorgasbord of beautiful, gay youths on tap. What could possibly go wrong?

Globetrotters – I’m developing a new series which takes place all over the world. First up is a story that takes place in a haunted castle in Romania. You’ll meet Clayx Black, host of a ht TV series called Code:Black and his long suffering assistant, Ethan St John as they globetrot across the world fixing places that need attention.There’s one problem. Wherever Calyx goes, he attracts weirdoes and trouble. Ethan never knows what to expect but he’s so busy putting out the fires Calyx causes that the simmering attraction between the two men needs to be ignored until there’s time to deal with it. Thing is, there never seems to be any time…

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For Fox Sake – Book #1

I’ve decided that posting snippets of any WIP on social media is something I won’t do anymore. It might spoil the fun for those who don’t like seeing them and feel it spoils the whole build up to when they get to buy the book.

I thought it would be better to post any excerpts I’d like to give my readers here on my website. That way, I can include a link to the post on Facebook, etc, and it’s your decision, as the reader, to decide whether you’d like to read it. Sound good? I’ll use the hashtag #susanmacnicolsnippet and that way, you’ll always be able to find them.

So sit back, relax with your favourite tipple, and enjoy this excerpt from For Fox Sake, the first book in my news series, of which more details will come soon. I plan on telling you more about the series once I have the first cover ready. Then you’ll understand the reason for the secrecy.

Excerpt #susanmacnicolsnippet #ForFoxSake 

“This is the long way around,” Tate remarked as they traversed narrow cobbled streets filled with small shops and occasionally, a scrub of grass, overgrown and needing weeding. “It’s a bit of a mission, going this way but it gives us a half-a-mile work out.” He stopped short, Clay almost stumbling into him.

“I can’t fucking believe that’s still here,” Tate marvelled, staring at one of the murals. “I must have done that about fifteen years ago!”

Clay squinted at it, green eyes puzzled. “What the hell is it,” he said finally. “Did you have a psychotic break or something? It’s…very colourful.”

Tate snorted. “It’s a pizza slice. Can’t you see it? There’s sausage, that’s bacon, there’s the cheese…” his voice trailed off. “I was always hungry back then,” he said wistfully. “I tended to have food on my mind a lot.” He pushed a lock of hair away from his forehead. The close shaved head of his drug squad days had disappeared, and Tate now sported thick auburn hair with an annoying tendency to curl. Clay loved it. He said it gave him something to grip his fingers into when Tate blew him.

Clay laughed. “And look at you now, a health nut. You used to be a man who could put away two racks of ribs, half a chicken and then fill up the empty spot with chips and brown sauce.”

“Yeah, well, that was the old me,” Tate teased. “Now I keep healthier for those times when you’re ramming into me against the wall. A man needs to be seriously fit for that.”

I hope you enjoyed this little #wordsnippet. There will be more, as I’m working on three books at the moment at the same time. So stay tuned, follow me on social media and my BookBub account as I count down 2019 to a year of releases that I hope will blow your socks off.