Welcome to Fetish Alley

Welcome to Fetish Alley, Square Mile, London. Where you can buy the weird, the kinky and the wonderful. It’s a community which understands the value of the human psyche and offers a taste of something different. And looming over the cobbled alley is Graffiato Animé, a world renowned Fetish club, owned by a man who is a part of Clay Mortimer’s past. Of course, every community has its crimes, and this one has its fair share. Just as well Clay and Tate are there to solve them.

These two men made their appearance in Feat of Clay which was book 4 in my Men of London series. I wanted to feature the two Alpha males Clay Mortimer and Tate Williams in more books and put them into some truly different situations.

I had the idea of writing a series of stories set in the fetish world over a year ago and pitched it to my publisher. They loved the idea and so I found myself contracted to a four book series.

I wanted something quirky and memorable and the result was this amazing image below. Look at the detail in the shop front windows and have a chuckle at the menu board outside the restaurant, Moving Feast. It will give you an idea of what kind of delicacies this place serves.

Well known Essex artist Marcus Cotton drew this for me. I wanted the essence of Fetish Alley encompassed in a unique drawing and he did an amazing job. If you’ve read the book, you’ll recognise the shops shown here. My plan is to have a number of these done so they all fit together to form a long alleyway. Marcus is currently working on creating Graffiato Animé, the fetish club run by ex-Italian footballer, Aurelio Borese (also an ex-lover of Clay’s) and who has such a huge impact on the business of the alley.

This is a collage of the path taken to arrive at the final image. It shows the construction of this image from original pencil drawing to the polished and incredibly detailed picture of a corner of the alley.

He also drew these fabulous pictures of Clay and Tate, which personify these characters to perfection. You can almost feel them opening their mouths and speaking to you…

These high definition prints are up for sale to buy directly down at my Redbubble website shop, unsigned though. If you require a signed print, get in touch with me via the contact form on this website and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

You can see Marcus’ other works on his website and he’s also available for commissions.

Marcus J Cotton

I hope you’ll stay with me on this journey into the world of the alley and the patrons who live and work there. It promises to be an extraordinary ride….

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Author Disclaimer

Having seen some reviews recently, I’d like to make a couple of things clear about the Fetish Alley series so no one goes in unprepared LOL.
I think I’ve been pretty transparent in saying from the get-go these books are NOT about BDSM. They aren’t about ‘drill deep and get into’ fetish scenes or practices. They are mysteries/detective stories, (cosy mysteries if you will as some reviewers have chosen to call them, and that’s cool by me) with an established couple, where the crimes happen to take place in a rather esoteric alley called Fetish Alley. There are elements of fetish activity because of the area the story is set in.
I’ve also always said I don’t really do the whole Agatha Christie thing because I have no clue how to create a mystery where the villain is only revealed at the end. If you’ve ever read any of my books, like Love and Punishment, my style is to tell you pretty soon in the story who the baddie is, or you can make an educated guess and you’d likely be right, and then the story becomes about proving it. That’s my style.  I’d hate people to be disappointed by not knowing this so I thought it worth another mention 🙂
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